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5 popular ways to send money to Germany from USA


Jan 28, 2023

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When planning to send money to Germany from USA, you have plenty of options out there. Don’t skip each line in this article to discover more!

How to send money from the USA to Germany in the most popular way? This article will enlighten you about everything.

5 popular ways to send money to Germany from USA

5 popular ways to send money to Germany from USA

More about EUR to send money to Germany

EUR currency has been put into official circulation since 2002 instead of the German Deutsche Mark previously used.

Germany has strategically partnered up with the US on various aspects, such as: trade & investment agreements, economy… So there is a huge demand for sending money to Germany from USA and vice versa.

As you know, the USA and Germany have different payment systems. Whereas it’s quite easy to send money with SEPA transfers in the EU, transferring from non-EU countries like the USA (Dollar Currency) is a different story.

Thus, money transfers between EU and non-EU countries are always more expensive and take more steps to complete.

But don’t worry, here are your solutions.

5 popular ways to send money to Germany from USA

DNBC’s experts will give you more information on 5 popular ways to send money to Germany from USA. Based on your demand, you can sort out one of 5 international money transfer.

Here are your optimal suggestions:

1. Send money to Germany from USA via a mobile app

Picking a good application to transfer money to Germany from the USA will be an optimal solution.

If you choose a suitable app, you will save money on your transfer. It’s worth considering some of the following apps to help you transfer from the United States to Germany.


You will easily transfer your funds anytime and anywhere with DNBC Financial Group digital payment on either the web browser or mobile application. With this app, you will make international/domestic transfers, including sending money from the USA to Germany.

It’s easy and free to open multi-current accounts and make instant transfers. You will send money to other bank accounts at a low exchange rate.

This can be considered as the cheapest way to send money to Germany from USA with a low exchange rate.

Western Union

This is a good choice for international payments. It’s suitable to make the transfer in an app but make payment in cash in any branch, or get the beneficiary to receive the cash at a branch nearby.


It’s a good solution to popular remittance routes, with payout options and friendly interface to get access.


You can hold, send, spend and exchange many currencies. You can spend on your linked international cards, and receive payments.


This app offers free and fee payment accounts, to hold and manage many currencies and transfer overseas. It’s good for people who wish to manage their funds on the move with saving and budgeting tools.


OFX is good at offering larger transfer amounts and currency risk management tools for business and individuals.

2. Send money to Germany from USA through a bank

Once sending money from the USA to Germany via a bank, you will always be charged with high transfer fees. Often, both the sender and the beneficiary have to pay fees.

As a sender, you will be charged some fees, such as: processing fees, bank fees and additional fees.

In addition to getting charged higher than average fees, banks are known for offering you a USD to EUR exchange rate which can be not the best if compared to other choices.

By using popular banks, you can pay an averaged fee of around $45, no matter how much funds you transfer to Germany. This means that it’s a great option for you to send a large amount of money.

Thus, banks are good for sending money to make large transactions such as property or cars, investments…

3. International wire transfer

Wire transfer is one of the most popular methods of sending money to Germany because they are convenient, secure and reliable.

With wire transfer service, it’s often charged a flat fee of up to $50. This can account for a large percentage of the transferred amount, especially if you make smaller transactions. Also, some banks put a limit on the amount wired in every single day.

Because this fee doesn’t change no matter how much you send, international wire transfers are suitable for sending large amounts.

4. Online money transfer providers

When sending money online from the United States to Germany, money transfer providers will take advantage over the banks. Because online services offer good exchange rates and low transaction fees.

Most providers seem cheaper compared to banks, especially for person-to-person transfer with small amounts.

Even when you don’t have a bank account, it’s possible for you to send money through money transfer services.

With online money transfers, you just need to sign up an account, pay for your transfer in terms of your account.

5. Remittance services

Some popular remittance services are Western Union, PayPal and MoneyGram. Remittance services are suitable for sending cash and real-time money transfers.

The beneficiaries can use those services even when they don’t have a bank account.

They are best for smaller amounts (up to 1,000 dollars). If you send a larger amount, you will spend quite a lot on the fees.

More about DNBCnet mobile payment

With DNBCnet mobile payment app, you will transfer your funds internationally in seconds with the highest standard of payment solutions.

You will experience the customer-friendly features and interface. Our remarkable design and one-touch feature encourages users to enjoy the digital environment on your phone and the convenience for making transactions on the go.

DNBCnet believes that sending money to Germany from USA is in your hand.

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