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7 Things To Look Forward From International Transfer – DNBC Financial Group


Jan 10, 2023

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Online payment world has utmost possibilities and benefits that come along with the financial industry. Leading to how financial institutions, especially those focussing on international money transfer, are reshaping the new accessibilities. DNBC Financial Group has also made their ways to improve client’s experience that makes the international transfer process more convenient and simpler.

7 things to look forward from international transfer - DNBC Financial Group

7 things to look forward from international transfer – DNBC Financial Group

Solving issues for global transfers

Recently, fintech companies are stepping up to the plate and earning more shares in the world payment system. At DNBC Financial Group, neo-payment services have been changing approaches to transfer money abroad. They are focusing on strategic plans of policies, processes and technologies in response to the evolving global landscape. Having extensive global experience managing global transfer transformation. The company also implements the best practical solutions that help businesses create globally consistent standardizations of payments that will suit many organization’s operational footprints.

“It seems very important that financial services will become on-demand, convenient and flexible, following in the development of internet platforms, streaming entertainment, and online shopping. At DNBC Financial Group, smart financial innovations keep growing to meet all the demands of global transfer.” Founder & CEO, Mr. Jimmy Lee said.

Online accounts with IBAN meet all customer’s demands for global transfers. Foreign exchange system makes transfers seamless as local banks in many currencies. Worldwide payment physical and virtual cards are lifesavers for many individuals and businesses amid the pandemic.

Transfer speeds

Digital payment services at DNBC aims to simplify processes and payments which increase the speed of transfer. Cutting off traditional steps and combining technologies to make money move faster and more secure. Because every currency and country are different, transferring money will take some time for conversions.

How quickly money transfers arrive depends on how quickly the recipient’s payment services can process the transferred money, as well as the ways users are able to pay in the country that the money is sent from. International transactions or outgoing payments can literally take around 1 to 5 business days to complete the transactions. The digital system will automatically detect incoming wires and apply the transfer as soon as possible.

Transparent costs

Today’s financial landscape, payment services must prove transparency in relevant processes with users. It’s noticeable that fintech institutions are more transparent to consumers about pricing features and functionality. Particularly, fees and pricing clearly listed on their websites for client’s references.

Everyone prefers saving money, but it can be quite confusing trying to understand the costs being charged. Each digital payment service will have specific fees for different reasons. The more money you transfer, the better the exchange rate you’ll receive. Users sometimes confuse that costs at the end are hidden fees. However, being aware of the fees that payment services charge at each end is an inevitable process.

Convenient process

In the end of the day, digitalization improves communication between financial users and service providers. Therefore, fintech institutions such as DNBC Financial Group cut off traditional routes and focused more on simplifying processes.

Offering comprehensive services for individuals and businesses. Three steps for online application are very straightforward. After getting approval, users will receive email confirmations and account information. The whole application process only takes from 3 to 4 business days. Then, clients can excecute online transfers by choosing the type of service and entering the payment details where they want the money to go. As a part of the authentication process, entering security codes during executing international transfers is a must for cybersecurity commitments.

Initial requirements

When opening an account at any digital payment services, everyone is going to come across several minimum requirements. Most digital payment services require clients to go through the processing of KYC and deposit a minimum amount of money. Some special cases are required to provide specific documentation or meet specific eligibility criteria.

Certain types of special accounts also have minimum age requirements or may require additional documents. Thus, it’s critical to understand these requirements before users proceed to open a preferred payment account. Most financial institutions including DNBC Financial Group require users to meet certain minimum balance requirements to maintain the active statuses for online accounts within a year.

Safety and security

Even with all the new technology that has fueled the fintech industry, one common problem has arisen – dealing with cybersecurity issues. Cyberthreats that could lead to data breaches and affect a lot of digital users worldwide. Data connection improves problems of asymmetric information and results in financial stability and integrity. DNBC Financial Group approves standard contractual clauses as a legal mechanism for data transfers from the European Union. They also rely on the EU-US privacy shields to protect data information per transaction. Applying IDenfy features and Authy OTP authentication to provide administrative resources to acknowledge identifications.

Financial integrity

DNBC Financial Group always put efforts to reduce illicit activities, especially, anti-money laundering (AML) combating the financing of terrorism (CFT). DNBC’s office in Lithuania has been working with Ernst & Young Baltic (E&Y) as an independent AML audit partner for its branch in Lithuania and EU/EEA to increase transparency, prevent money laundering. Corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing are put into a concerted attempt of controlling process to comply with all relugations of integrity and stability.

Final words

DNBC is one of the most convenient payment solutions for everyone in large transfers. They strike a balance between keeping consistency and providing the online services. In addition, the offline service (customer support) is kept stable to ensure transferred money arrives smoothly and safely. For large transfers, it is the top choice for personal payments and business transfers. DNBC also forms patterns which suggest they insist on the standardizations of regulatory consistency and stability.

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