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A guide on how to transfer money to Malaysia from Australia


Jan 12, 2023

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Transferring money to Malaysia from Australia is arising these days. Even though they may have specific limitations, such as exchange rates, fees, transaction processing time, security and privacy, etc. The potential of trading between the bilateral partnership has driven international transfer over the years. According to the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade , the economic and commercial ties between Australia and Malaysia are solid and mature. Malaysia was Australia’s ninth-largest trading partner globally and its second-largest ASEAN trading partner in 2021.

However, to maximize the money for your home receiver in international transfer, some details should be focused on and checked before sending. Let’s check them out together right now.

A guide on how to transfer money to Malaysia from Australia

A guide on how to transfer money to Malaysia from Australia

How can I transfer money to Malaysia from Australia using a bank?

Banks get revenue from foreign financial transfers in two ways. The first is by charging high transaction fees, and the second is by offering a poor AUD to MYR exchange rate. The real transaction price may not be so high, but the rate may be significantly lower, resulting in a hidden fee as the transfer cost for you rises.

Because your clear purpose is to maximize the value of your hard-earned money, you would want to ensure that the recipient receives the maximum amount. One simple method to accomplish this is to reduce the costs of money sent from Australia to Malaysia.

Today, the majority of transfer businesses provide bank-to-bank transfers for Australian customers moving money to Malaysia. They achieve this by allowing you to fund your transaction using your local Australian bank account and by letting you select the recipient’s bank account in Malaysia for the payout. But compared to your bank, you’ll probably obtain far better rates and reduced costs.

How can I transfer money to Malaysia from Australia quickly?

The service you pick, the payment method for your transaction, the method you choose for your recipient to receive the funds, etc., will all have an impact on how quickly you may transfer money to Malaysia from Australia. Therefore, you should weigh your options to determine which one best meets your needs.

To assist you in comprehending all the variables at play while converting AUD to MYR, we wrote an extensive article on remittances. You may evaluate multiple money transfer firms to discover which one can offer you the fastest transaction by developing a good awareness of all the factors that influence your transaction speed.

Relying on cash as a form of payment and delivery is one option you may use to send money to Malaysia quickly from Australia. This would entail paying for your transfer in cash, probably by going directly to the provider’s or agent’s location. In a similar vein, if your recipient has a nearby pickup place, they can also pick up cash in Malaysia. Dealing with cash will avoid the need for bank transfers in the middle, which typically take longer since money must transit between banks.

The need for actual drop-off and pickup points and the inherent risk of carrying cash, especially for larger sums, are two disadvantages of cash transfers. A further benefit is that, in comparison to online transactions, cash transfers typically have lower exchange rates. Due to the aforementioned reasons, mobile wallet payouts or even mobile airtime popups are the next fastest transfers if you want to avoid handling cash. To transfer money to Malaysia from Australia would take longer using these procedures.

Which transfer methods are suitable for sending money from Australia to Malaysia?

Having a list of different transfer methods you might use is the first step in choosing the best option to transfer money to Malaysia from Australia. Give us the names of your sending and receiving nations, and we’ll contact you to share the data so you can quickly compare among options, or else you just find more information directly on our international transfer

The following step in choosing a course of action will depend on what you’re after. Depending on your preferences, these strategies can be contrasted against one another on a wide range of criteria. For instance, do you want the highest rate, the quickest transfer speed, the shortest transfer time, the maximum quantity, etc.

Any promotions and deals offered for money transfers from Australian dollars to Malaysian ringgit could also be a deciding factor in your choice of a service provider. Utilizing promotions is a surefire strategy to cut costs and ought to be one of the considerations when deciding which payment methods to prioritize to transfer money to Malaysia from Australia.

How to transfer money to Malaysia bank account from Australia

Once you’ve identified the best alternatives, follow this straightforward procedure to send a money transfer to Malaysia from Australia.

Sign up for an account first. You must include your name, address, phone number, ID, and payment method.

Second, give the receiver’s information. Enter the name and contact details of your recipient. You will need the account number, SWIFT or IBAN, and the location of their bank branch if you are paying directly to their Malaysian bank account.

Nextly, just enter the transfer amount. Enter the amount you wish to send after making sure the costs, exchange rates, and transfer speed satisfy you. Check this again because many providers indicate how much Malaysian Ringgit your recipient should get.

Finish the transfer, then. Money transfers should be sent to Malaysia. Keep any reference numbers safe to track your transfer and if your receiver needs it.

Your Malaysian recipient will need to present some sort of photo ID in case you use the cash transfer method to pick up the money. Additionally, it’s crucial that you provide them with the transaction reference number to speed up the procedure.

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