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Are you moving abroad? Here is a moving abroad packing list.


Jan 09, 2023

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It’s compulsory to have a moving abroad packing list when you are moving to another country.

When you plan to move abroad, you just want to pack the essential items. Keep in mind that downsizing allows us to bring everything we need in our journey.

It only costs a few hundred dollars in excess baggage fees and saves time on customs paperwork. Here’s the ultimate packing list to keep your luggage light and ensure you have everything essential.

What to pack when you’re moving to another country?

Deciding what to take when moving overseas is a hard decision because everything seems important to you.

It’s cheaper to move with carry-on luggage only, but you’ll spend a fortune replacing all of your stuff. If you bring too much without careful consideration, you’ll waste money shipping things that you can’t use and don’t have room for.

Commonly, international moves are expensive. Shipping by air is expensive, and sea shipments can take months to arrive.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to ship your luggage overseas, it’s better to downsize before moving abroad.

Basically, everything you pack when moving abroad can be divided into 3 categories: practical, legal, and sentimental.

Are you moving abroad? Here is a moving abroad packing list.

Are you moving abroad? Here is a moving abroad packing list.

1. Practical items

They are common things you use in daily life. Electronic appliances and items, household appliances, clothes, shoes, medicines and medical equipment, makeup items, sports items, books, magazines… should be packed and ready to use every day.

Electronics like cellphones, laptops and tablets are one of the most vital things to pack for moving abroad, especially if you work abroad. They can also be a source of entertainment and connect with friends and family back home.

When relocating abroad, consider the climate in that country to pack your clothes and shoes. If you’re struggling to make room in your luggage, packing cubes is a great way to save space.

Smaller items, such as socks, underwear, and bras, can be placed in corners and inside shoes. Your clothing list should vary not only based on the climate but also should be based on urban or rural areas. If you stay in a big city, you can buy any items you didn’t pack.

Toiletries are essential but they’re available for purchase in new countries. Wherever your destination is, it has basic toiletries available for purchase.

In addition, it’s important to take credit cards or cash with you. Make sure all of your credit cards are safe to use overseas and you have at least a few hundred dollars for emergencies.

2. Legal items

They are wills, insurance policies, resident cards, ID cards, drivers license and passports… This includes any documents you need to legally reach your new country.

Every country has their own entry rules, so be sure to research them before moving. For example, you need to show a letter proving you have the legal right to take your child to another country.

Whether you’re traveling or moving abroad, you’re going to want to have official copies of key documents because you’ll likely need to prove your identity at some point.

Other documents you need to prepare, such as: birth certificate, immunization records, visa information, doctor certified prescriptions, marriage license, house sale documents/rental check out, final utility bills, tax documents, old filings…

Keep in mind that you always keep your entry documents along with you.

3. Sentimental items

Sentimental items include anything that brings up emotions or memories in your life. It can be jewelry, photos, decorations…

It’s small items like jewelry, rings that tend to be forgotten. Anything valuable should be kept in your personal bag or with your legal documents in the lock box.

You can always remove photos from frames and put them in an album for easier transport.

Holidays are unforgettable times, so don’t hesitate to bring holiday decorations to remind you of old memories.

Take any souvenirs or any parting gifts from your old home. Make sure to make room for these special items to save your emotions and memories.

Some packing tips for moving abroad

Here are some packing tips to help make it easier, and maximize your space and weight allowance:

Know the customs regulations

If you’re moving to another country, there are some things you’re not allowed to take with you, or you need special permission to import.

Most everyday items will be acceptable but it’s still a good idea to look this up in advance, just in case.

Pack the essentials last

This seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget because you have a ton of things to do. Remember that the things you need most should be packed last.

This means you’ll still have access to them before moving. When you arrive, they’ll be easy for you to pick.

Organize and label

You should make sure of everything you pack. Label your boxes.

Some people like to pack by room, but this doesn’t always work, depending on the kinds of items and their weight & size. Keep a tab on what you’ve put where so you can find it as quickly as possible.

It also means you’ll know what and where you’ve packed, just in case you need to find them again. Keep a list.

Don’t bring too much

Even if you’re moving permanently overseas, you can’t take everything with you. You can buy things like household items, furniture, clothes in most countries.

There will be some favorite items you just don’t want to part with. That’s where prioritizing is invaluable. Work out what’s really important to you.

Have a moving checklist

Planning ahead makes a big difference. Think of what you need to take, want to take, and when you need to start packing.

After all, packing is just one part of moving overseas, so plan carefully.

Spread the weight

When you’re packing boxes to move, don’t pack them one at a time. You can start filling a few, putting heavier items at the bottom but leaving space at the top for lighter things.

Wrap fragile items in your clothes

This is one of the most useful packing hacks. Your clothes, pillowcases, or other material items can be a great place for bubble wrap and scrunched up newspaper.

Save space and weight by using things you bring with you as packing material for more fragile objects.

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