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Best international money transfers What to know before sending


Jan 28, 2023

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People have several reasons for sending money internationally. Some people do it for business reasons, while some do it for personal reasons.

Whatever reasons you have for doing international money transfers, it’s worth reading the essential things before you send with the best international money transfer service.

Anyway, here are some effective tips you should keep in mind to make your international money transfer successfully and securely.

1. Know the rules and regulations for best international money transfer

Sending money overseas is totally legal but many criminals used international money transfers to launder their money, so law enforcement has implemented laws to prevent this from happening. Money laundering is a serious crime and deserves a heavy punishment.

Best international money transfers: What to know before sending

Best international money transfers: What to know before sending

If there is a simple miscommunication or failure in transferring money, you can be in trouble. So, you have to obey the laws of international money transfers unless they can punish you for it.

To stop this from happening, read carefully the rules and regulations in the country where you’re sending from and to.

For example, some countries will have a cap on the funds you can transfer to a foreign country without filing a report or including it in your tax forms. Some countries will put a limit on the amount you send internationally.

2. Know your options of best international money transfer

You need to make sure of your choice in transfer service. Your option can be a bank or an online money transfer provider.

Although banks are a safe and secure way for sending your funds internationally, it often takes a long time before your beneficiary receives the money.

The receiving bank, where your beneficiary will withdraw the funds, charges a fee and deducts it from the transactions you sent. This results in a fewer amount received by your beneficiary.

If you pick an international money transfer provider, you will be surprised at the massive number of choices.

To find out the most suitable provider, the important thing to do is research. Read about international money transfer reviews and get reliable information before choosing one.

Security, delivery speed, convenience, customer service, good fees, exchange rates and promotion are some of the most popular standards to refer to.

Be aware of hidden fees, which banks and most providers add on top of the exchange rate. They often don’t inform customers directly.

3. Know the exchange rates

It’s important to know the exchange rate in international money transfers. This is an important element you should consider.

Commonly, several international money transfer providers often offer different exchange rates. A lot of providers offer an unfavorable exchange rate because this is where they gain their profit from.

Choose your service provider carefully. Don’t just look at their rates offered by providers; also look at their levels of service and methods of support in case something goes bad.

So before choosing, make sure that you need to know the exchange rate and how they compare with the exchange rate from similar websites. The higher the exchange rate you’re offered, the better it’s for you.

4. Know the service charge

Many money transfer providers will claim to offer the lowest service charge to draw more customers. The same thing can be claimed by banks. However, you should be cautious of those.

Banks and other providers aren’t required to inform all the processes in your transactions, but when you ask the right questions, you can find out the truth.

The fastest way to find out how much money you pay for every transaction is by finding out their exchange rate. If they don’t offer service fees but charge an unfavorable exchange rate, that is not the best option.

5. Know security and reputation of service provider

Banks are secure and safe, but they are not the best choice based on other standards.

As for money transfer providers, their website security is always something you should be keen about.

The two-factor and biometric authentication are required to protect your account online.

And since international money transfer transactions are done online these days, ensure that the website where you are entering your bank account information is kept safe and secure. The more direct the process and fewer details you enter, the better it’s for you.

6. Know the delivery speed of transfer

International money transfers have been more and more popular nowadays since Fintech touched every aspect in life. Of course, everything needs speedy connection.

An international transfer does not mean it takes a long time to finish.

The delivery speed at which your beneficiary can receive the money as fast as possible. If there is any emergency, your funds need to be delivered quickly, so the delivery speed of transfer really matters.

Some online money transfer providers offer a higher rate for a faster transfer.

It’s your choice which provider you deal with, but it’s vital that you learn all the things you need to know before making the final decision.

There’s a lot to consider when transferring funds internationally. Determining how to send money overseas is easier when focusing on the pros and cons of each service.

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