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Discover How To Send Money From Canada To Netherlands


Jan 28, 2023

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If you’re living in the Netherlands or Canada and are thinking about transferring money between Canada and the Netherlands, then this article is for you!


If you plan to send money to Netherlands for any reasons such as buying a house, renting an apartment, or investing…, the following suggestions will help.


The Netherlands is also known as Holland. This land of windmills and tulips is a founding member of the European Union. After that, the Euro has become the official currency from 2002 until now.

Discover how to send money to Netherlands

Discover how to send money to Netherlands

DNBC’s experts will enlighten you about how to send money to Netherlands.

Popular way to send money to Netherlands

Normally, traditional banks charge high fees. So, it’s more popular to send money to the Netherlands through an online money transfer service provider. The reason is that online transfers are often fast, secure and economical.

Some popular money transfer providers and services can name here:

  • DNBC Financial Group
  • TransferGo
  • XE
  • Currencies Direct
  • Wise

Their services give you convenience and save your money and time. You don’t even need to go to the bank directly.

So simply, you just open your laptop, smartphone or tablet and transfer the money with a few steps with a registered online money transfer service.

If you don’t know how a money transfer works, here are some step-by-step explanations.

Open an online account

It’s very easy to open an online account if you’re planning on transferring money to Netherlands or anywhere.

It’s necessary for you to fill in some personal information (email, date of birth…). You can be required to verify your identity. In general, it doesn’t take you time.

Select your delivery option and payment amount

In this step, you will be given more details. You need to set up the amount of money to send and what kind of currency you want to convert.

Add your beneficiary information

Besides adding your personal information, it’s required to add your beneficiary details such as their account number and name. So, make sure that everything is getting ready.

Make payment

After adding the full information, now it’s time to pay the money to your chosen transfer company through a debit, credit card or a regular bank transfer.

Complete your transfer

The transfer service provider will get started with sending your money once receiving your payment. It can take between 10 minutes and 2 working days. This depends on the service you selected.

When your beneficiary receives the money, you will get notified.

Payment methods of transferring money from Canada to Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of Canada’s most important trade and investment partners. It represents a gateway to Europe through the spectrum of trade and investment.

In 2021, Bilateral trade was calculated around $8.7 billion, with Canadian merchandise exports to the Netherlands at $4.8 billion, and imports at $3.9 billion.

In 2021, Canada’s service exports to the Netherlands were $1.5 billion and services imports from the Netherlands to Canada were valued at $1.8 billion.

It means there is a large demand for transferring money from Canada to the Netherlands.

In addition to using online transfers, you need to know different ways to make international transactions, especially for business and trade.

You can visit your bank to transfer money. It’s secure and reliable to make transactions there. Holland banks use the Euro, one of the most widely used currencies, so money transfers from Canada will be accessible.

However, It often charges a high rate for international transfers. Moreover, it often deals with slow delivery if you transfer money in a hurry.

Also, you can take a cash pickup service. This helps your beneficiaries to get their money from a nearby location if they want.

You can use a mobile money provider. This allows people to receive, store and manage your money via their mobile devices.

Also, you can use credit cards or debit cards to transfer money from Canada to Netherlands. Those kinds of cards can help you avoid higher fees compared to the banks.

Tips to send money from Canada to Netherlands

The popularity of the Euro makes all international money transfers more convenient and economical, consisting of converting CAD into EUR.

With some useful tips below, you will save your money when sending international money to the Netherlands from Canada.

Send larger amounts

It’s not a good decision to send small amounts many times. Instead, you should send a large amount of money at once. This will be more economical.

Don’t pay for speed

If you choose a fast delivery of money transfers, it costs a lot. Just plan ahead and be proactive if there is no urgent situation involved.

Be careful of hidden fees and minimum transfer amounts

If you’re planning on sending a smaller amount, make sure to check whether the online transfer providers/services are available, as some of them don’t permit you to transfer under a minimum amount of money.

Also, pay close attention to the hidden fees by asking carefully before proceeding.

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We provide full online payment experience, which allows you to make transactions around the clock in more than 170 countries and in different currencies. In which, you can easily send money from Canada to Netherlands with our service.

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