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Discover the best way to send money to Italy from USA


Jan 28, 2023

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Italy and the USA have several economic alliances and partner up with one of the most valuable investments and trades.

Currently, no restrictions are being imposed on American businesses and citizens who intend to send money to Italy from USA. It’s also quite easy to convert USD into EUR for their personal or business purposes.

If you plan to transfer money to your relatives, friends, businesses or other purposes to Italy from the USA, you need an optimal solution.

It’s important to send the money conveniently and safely, and make sure it arrives in the hands of the beneficiary in Italy.

DNBC’s expert will help you to enlighten you how to send money to Italy from USA and best way to send money to Italy from USA.

Best way to transfer money to Italy updated in 2022

Best way to transfer money to Italy updated in 2022

Is it good to use a bank to send money to Italy from USA?

It’s hard to decide whether to choose traditional banks in USA for USD to EUR fund transfers or not.

Generally speaking, banks tend to offer you unfavorable exchange rates and charge high fees. This will make your transaction more costly.

However, if you’re transferring large sums of money from the USA to Italy, it’s worth considering banks.

In such cases, make sure to take care of all details of the remittance transaction offered to you by banks.

Alternatively, you will save more by using an online money transfer provider. These providers will allow you to use your local bank account in USA to transfer to Italy. You will be offered better exchange rates.

Which is the best money transfer provider to transfer money to Italy from USA?

To become an optimal money transfer provider, there is a combination of mixed factors. They include: security, service, delivery speed, simplicity, customer service, fee, exchange rate, platform..etc

But which factor is the most important? It’s hard to answer because it depends on the different demands. Thus, the definition of the “best” also depends on everyone’s feeling.

There is an intensive competition among money transfer providers. How do you ensure you pick the best company when you send money from the US to Italy? To make the right decision, the first thing to consider is to identify your selection criteria.

For example, do you need your money to be delivered to Italy as fast as possible? Are you planning to send a small or large sum of money? Do you prefer to be offered a fixed exchange rate or an indicative rate?…

Identifying your preferences will decide which remittance provider to work with.

DNBC Financial Group is an outstanding provider in transferring money to Italy from the USA. DNBC offers an affordable, reliable and fast solution.

Payment services can’t help if they stall halfway through, so DNBC’s digital technology is applied to make transactions with ease and comfort.

No matter who is sender or receiver, having the obvious funds is helpful to both sides. If both sides have to wait for days, it will take time and make it difficult to plan ahead.

If there is any problem with your accounts or a question about how certain transactions work, the customer support at DNBC is willing to help.

In addition, you can pick other providers such as: Xoom, XendPay, Skrill, Wise, N26, Remitly, Xe, MoneyGram, InstaReM, CurrencyFair…etc.

How to send money to Italy from USA cheapest?

When sending money to Italy from the USA, obviously you want the cheapest option to maximize the money that your beneficiary receives in Italy.

A particular provider seems like a good way to make international transactions from the USA to Italy. But many of them can end up offering high fees and unfavorable exchange rates on your transaction.

Of course, there are several online money providers such as DNBC Financial Group, Xoom, XendPay, Skrill, Wise, N26, Remitly, Xe, MoneyGram, InstaReM, CurrencyFair…etc for your choice.

However, DNBC Financial Group stands out as a reasonable solution. DNBC Financial Group keeps the fees low to remain competitive for transfers to Italy from the US.

They offer low fees and exchange rates are shown upfront. Remittance cost can be cut down up to 90%. The exact funds received by your beneficiary will be known as you set up your transfer accounts.

Alternative ways to send money to Italy

You can send money fast to Italy from the USA with cash pickup. This means paying for your transfer with cash, you need to walk into your provider’s office or branch nearby.

Similarly, your beneficiary will pick up cash in Italy if they have a pickup branch. Dealing with cash will minimize bank transfers in the middle which often take longer.

However, it’s quite risky to carry cash, especially for larger funds to a cash pickup location. Also, cash transfers can involve lower exchange rates if compared to online money transfers.

If you don’t want to handle cash for any reason, alternative transfers can use payout EUR into a mobile wallet, or a mobile airtime popup. These methods will be faster than the USA bank to Italy bank transfers.

About DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group is an outstanding startup in fintech, offering money transaction solutions over 173 countries worldwide.

By setting a high standard for innovation in the money transfer platform since 2017, DNBC Financial Group has offered solutions for collecting payments, sending money internationally in over 23 currencies.

DNBC Financial Group currently has an increasing number of users globally, consisting of sending money to Italy from the USA.

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