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Everything you need to know to open overseas bank account


Jan 10, 2023

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Overseas banking is typically linked to a high level of monetary sophistication. The truth is that it only takes a few hours of work for the ordinary person to open overseas bank account. You’ll need to undertake some study to learn the specifics relevant to your circumstance because each offshore bank and foreign jurisdiction has its own rules. In this article, our DNBC Financial Group will explain clearly about this topic to you.

Everything you need to know to open overseas bank account

Everything you need to know to open overseas bank account

Why the demand for opening overseas bank accounts has increased

Anyone who transacts internationally frequently, whether for business, education, company, or other purposes, should think about opening a foreign or offshore bank account. It is obvious that individuals having accounts opened with foreign offshore banks benefit from a wide range of advantages beyond only lower costs and higher rates of return.

To protect your assets from a number of threats in your home country, you may require an overseas bank account. This is an opportunity to protect yourself from the dangers of keeping all of your money in one financial institution or jurisdiction, such as the risk of currency devaluation, unauthorized expropriation or seizure of funds by governmental entities or courts, the implementation or expansion of currency controls, and other dangers.

Furthermore, foreign banking gives you more financial independence and opens up new opportunities, particularly when it comes to investing in potential enterprises or real estate.

Overseas bank accounts for legal businesses increase credibility in the eyes of clients and partners abroad, allow for quick and efficient payment settlement and transfers, and can significantly lower transaction dues and costs.

Is opening overseas bank account online possible?

Most non-residents frequently open the following types of overseas bank account

Current accounts or checking accounts: They are useful for frequent transactions and are also known as Demand Deposit Accounts in the trade. Please keep in mind that some banks have a minimum amount that must be maintained in a bank account regardless of the transaction value. These accounts are critical in international trading and doing business with overseas partners.

Savings account or investment account: The main reason people open investment or savings accounts is to save money. They are inappropriate for daily transactions. This is where you can invest in financial items such as stocks and shares, bonds, and so on.

Citizens of any country can electronically open a bank account in another country. This helps them save time and money on travels, as well as on courier fees if the bank accepts paperwork submitted online. If the original document can be filed as a scanned copy, notarization might not even be necessary.

The procedures for submitting the application materials vary depending on the financial institution. There are several ways to remotely open overseas bank or payment account:

  • – During a video chat with a lender, as well as online document submission;
  • – By sending documents through post or courier;
  • – Make a personal visit to the foreign bank’s local office in the country of residence;
  • – By signing and notarizing a bank form in the nation of residence, then submitting documents to the bank

At DNBC Financial Group, it is very easy to open overseas account for business with three FREE for customers:

  • – Free account opening fee
  • – Free Multi-currency overseas account opening fee
  • – Free Internet payment for business

You can learn more about how to open international account online on our website here

The best overseas bank or payment account for businesses and individuals

You would probably take into account the services, minimum balance, costs, and accessibility, among other factors, while choosing an overseas bank or financial institution to open an account with. Here are some of the top offshore banks or international financial institutions you should think about, in no order:

DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group is a reputational financial institution. With DNBC Financial Group’s international business account , there are many advantages for customers such as the best foreign exchange rates, low transfer cost , avoiding political risks, and borderless account opening. With 4 easy steps, you can open an overseas account easily.


You must be at least 18 years old, have a minimum balance of £50.000, a salary of £100.000, or be already qualified for HSBC Premier in another nation to open an account with them. Additionally, you need to reside in a nation that can use these services.


You can arrange a recurring overseas transfer using the Moneycorp Personal Account. This can be a useful alternative for pensions, sending money home, collecting a wage, and paying expenses.

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