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Explore how to transfer money to France from UK


Jan 28, 2023

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France is the financial and cultural hub of Europe. France draws thousands of workers and business people throughout the world. So, huge amounts of funds regularly flow into and out of France.

To meet with every need to transfer money to France, several options for international money transfers are offered.

This article will enlighten you about transferring and receiving money in France. For example, you transfer money to France from UK or anywhere in the world.

Explore how to transfer money to France from UK

Explore how to transfer money to France from UK

Regular ways to transfer money to France from UK

Although France and the UK have different currencies in Europe, it has been easy to transfer money to France from the UK.

The euro (EUR) is widely used for most European countries, consisting of France.

Although in Europe, the UK and UK overseas territories use the pound sterling (GBP) issued by the Bank of England as their official currency.

You will have different suggestions if you intend to transfer money to France from UK.

Use a bank account in France

A UK citizen can open a bank account in France, and the funds can be transferred to French citizens by bank transfers.

This is a popular way for UK citizens if they intend to buy property, retire or study in France.

Due to Brexit, you need to carefully check any conditions or restrictions regulated on UK citizens opening a French bank account.

Credit or debit card

It’s easy and convenient to use a UK credit card in France if you use a third-party transfer service accepting your credit cards as payment.

You can withdraw the money from a bank or ATM in France with a UK debit or credit card, then convert GBP into EUR if necessary.

It’s a bit expensive if you pay with debit or credit cards. On the contrary, they make the funds faster to the provider and save time.

Online money transfer service

Online money transfer services have become the optimal option for personal accounts and transfer business accounts . Those services have more advantages over banks.

When you have an account, you can make transactions. To make your transfers from the UK to France more effective, most online money transfer providers have boosted applications available on iOS and Android platforms.

When using those apps, you can make a transfer, track, add recipients, review transactions…

Take DNBCnet Mobile payment app for an example. You will make transactions and manage your accounts anytime anywhere. With this payment app, you can easily manage your accounts with one-touch interface and transfer money worldwide and make transaction limits of a day up to EUR 200,000 simply and quickly.

Bank deposit

Most banks in the UK allow you to transfer money to banks in France. However, you can have weaker exchange rates and pay more fees for this option.

Transfer agents through the UK

Many transfer agents have their own networks throughout the UK. This enables you to send money and your beneficiary can receive money from a similar agent network in France.

Checks and money orders

If speed doesn’t matter to me, it’s time to choose an international check from your bank to transfer to France.

How long will it take to transfer money to France from UK?

This concern is another aspect of transferring money to France from UK because of constant and high demand for transactions from both countries.

Commonly, international bank transfers can be only made on business days. If you make a request for international transfers prior to the cut-off time at banks, it can be processed on the same day.

If not, it will be moved on the next working day. Once your transfer has been processed, the money in your account will be subtracted.

In general, money transfers to France from UK are fast. This procedure can take 1- 2 working days for the beneficiary to receive the money, but some services/providers can send money faster.

In summary, there are some certain variables affecting the duration of time. They involve:

The services/providers you chose

Time of transfer (on working day, a weekend or public holiday)

Which conditions to transfer money to France?

Before transferring money to France, some certain information is required to ensure the transfer to reach the right destination. The required information can vary on different providers.

Basically, you’ll need to consider some the following factors:

An ID document issued by the government. Instead, you can use a passport, driver’s license or social security card depending on different countries.

The beneficiary name available on their legal documents.

The beneficiary phone number and address.

If you’re transferring directly to a bank account, it’s necessary to fill in the beneficiary bank details (bank & branch name and account number)

The amount of money you plan to send, options of transfer payment and ways of payout.

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