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Find the best way to send money to South Africa


Jan 16, 2023

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How do you find the best way to receive money from the USA when you’re in South Africa? DNBC Financial Group will show you the best choices for transferring money to South Africa from the US.

There are a huge number of options for you if you need to send money to relatives, make foreign purchases, or for business purposes. In this article, DNBC’s experts will take a deep look into sending money to South Africa, including the best choices available to you plus how to send money to South Africa.

How to send money to South Africa

To find out how to send money to South Africa with the top providers, you should consider four aspects demonstrated below:

The best way to send money to South Africa

The best way to send money to South Africa

The exchange rate

Different banks may have different policies relating to the exchange rates as well as different exchange rates. To ensure the best value for your international payments, getting the best exchange rate is essential. Remember that you could save a lot of money if the exchange rate was better for a large amount of cash.

Fees and charges

In addition to the exchange rate, fees and charges are other significant aspects you should consider when transferring money overseas. To avoid hidden fees, you should choose a transparent money transfer service that discloses all of its costs. Like DNBC Financial Group, we’re upfront and transparent about costs with our customers. There are no additional or hidden charges.

International money service providers’ reputation

Before making international transactions with any provider, it is crucial and simple to determine whether the provider is licensed by the regulatory body to handle overseas money transfer.


Another crucial factor to be taken into account is how convenient the entire process is. These days, it’s not necessary to physically enter a branch and wait in line. You can use online platforms to transfer money easily and conveniently.

One of the countries that transfer the most money to South Africa is from the US. Therefore this is also the biggest concern of many people around the world. Let’s check it out below

Best ways to send money to South Africa from the USA

Bank transfers

Most banks provide international payment services. When using the bank to transfer money overseas, you need to know your recipient’s SWIFT/BIC code. More than 10,000 financial institutions worldwide are connected with SWIFT. So, it could be seen as a global method for sending and receiving money internationally. However, sending money overseas through the SWIFT network can take up to five working days because the money needs to go through many stops to arrive.

Money transfer service companies

The significant advantage of using this method is simplicity. All you need is a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet. With just a few clicks, the payment will be made successfully. If we have to mention disadvantages, it is low-level security because it’s easier to steal your data online than to break the bank.

At DNBC Financial Group, we protect clients’ data through SSL/TLS encryption and cloud data. Moreover, our international payment service allows individuals, and corporates to transfer money easily, and cost-effectively from or to 170 countries and territories around the world.

Peer-to-Peer transfers

Peer to Peer (P2P) payments are a method by which a user can send money from his bank account to another person’s account through digital medium.

The convenience is one of the most appealing features of this method. Moreover, because all transactions take place electronically without the need for an intermediary, peer-to-peer transfers may have very low transaction fees of 2% to 3%. Although this method has tremendous benefits, it still has some drawbacks such as no-refund, human errors or unpredictability.

About DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group is the fastest-growing fintech company, founded in 2017. Its mission is to simplify international payments and help individuals and businesses transfer money globally easily and cost-efficiently.

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