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Here’s how you send money from Norway to USA with ease


Jan 28, 2023

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Thousands of international transfers from Norway to the USA for business or personal purposes are made every year.

Because there is a considerable increase in the high and constant demands for transfers, several options are available to send money from Norway to USA.

DNBC’s expert will enlighten you to how to send money from Norway to USA as follows.

Here’s how you send money from Norway to USA with ease

Here’s how you send money from Norway to USA with ease

How to send money from Norway to USA?

In the USA, Us Dollar (USD) is the official currency. Norway uses Norwegian Krone (NOK) as its official currency.

Do you intend to pay tuition fees, send money to relatives, pay international salaries, invest….in USA? Whatever the reasons you have, there will be solutions for you.

Basically, it’s primary to make a NOK to USD currency transfer to make the currency move, or to send money from Norway to USA.

We will go into greater details about 3 typical ways as follows:

1. Send money from Norway to USA through a bank

If you’re planning to transfer money from Norway to USA, traditional banks can often be your first thought.

It’s easy for you to send money from Norway to USA if you come to a bank nearby. This method can be safe and convenient.

Some banks in Norway with their affiliate branch in the US open a bank account to make it easier for your beneficiary to get the money.

However bank transfers will be expensive. International money transfers will be involved in high charges, hidden fees and unfavorable exchange rates.

In general, Norwegian banks often offer a poor exchange rate between USD and NOK currency. Also, it can charge large transfer fees.

If you choose the bank, you should take a careful look at hidden fees, the exchange rates offered by the bank before sending from Norway to the United States.

2. Send money from Norway with Online Money Transfer Service

In Norway, only 3- 4% of all transactions are made in coins and banknotes. If you’re asked to list one of the world’s top cashless countries, it’s Norway.

Norway is well-known for moving past cash into a digital-first payment network. Sending money from Norway to the US seems just a breeze with online money transfer services/providers.

Basically, online money transfer services/providers differ from traditional banks for various features.

  • It’s free to open an account. The service works and supports 24/7
  • Exchange rates are more competitive and better than traditional banks.
  • The service is fully regulated, so your funds are safe and secure.

Your money transfer can be made with ease in terms of trusted providers:

DNBC Financial Group, TransferGo, Revolut, PaySend, WorldRemit, Skrill, TransferWise,CurrencyFair, Xe Money Transfer or InstaReM.

For example, With DNBC Financial Group, besides 3 above-mentioned features, it also benefits:

  • Remittance cost was cut down up to 90%.
  • The exact amount received by your beneficiary will be known as you set up your transfers.
  • Globally trusted more than 132 countries. (of course including transfer from Norway to US)

3. Send money from Norway to USA with cards

Bank cards (consisting of credit and debit) in Norway are widely used for transactions, taking up about 50% of all online transactions.

As a result, credit and debit cards are popular in Norway. About 12.8 million payment cards were issued in 2020.

Both debit or credit cards can make it easy and convenient to make transactions.

Credit cards help you access a line of credit issued by banks. Debit cards will deduct money directly from your bank account.

Both debit or credit cards can be charged extra, especially for international transactions.

In summary, you can choose one of these cards to send money from Norway to USA.

5 considerations of sending money from Norway to USA

When sending money from Norway to the USA, you can face a lot of concerns about transfer speed, currency fluctuations, charges or security.

So what considerations do you need to take into?

1. Choose the most suitable solution for you

Traditional banks, online transfers, cards or other services are available for your transfer. There are various options out there but you need to prioritize what matters to you.

Some transfer ways can be easier but take more time. Some can be more expensive but be faster.

If you are transferring funds to multiple areas internationally, it can be more convenient to use only one service to cover and manage your transactions.

Keep this in mind that you should pick a trusted and safe provider, take DNBC Financial Group for example.

2. Keep a close eye on fees and the exchange rates

The exchange rates will be applied when you convert your money from one currency to another. Exchange rates can fluctuate over time and rely on each bank, or each provider.

Take note that a small fluctuation can make a big difference, especially when you transfer a large amount of money.

If the transfer fees are your biggest priority, try to compare various providers to choose the best one.

3. Time your international transfers

Once you choose the right time, your money will be delivered faster.

Public holidays or weekends can delay your international transfers. This can lead to a loss of favorable exchange rates and take more time to be received by your beneficiary.

4. Double check all the information needed

International payments can be required to fill in a lot of information. Lacking one of them or inputting wrong information can cause problems. Even worse, your money can be sent to a strange account.

By accident, in case you transfer money to the wrong beneficiary account, contact your bank or provider as soon as possible to get your money back.

So double check all information before getting started with transfers from Norway to USA!

5. Never put your cash in the mail to transfer money

If you put your cash in the mail to transfer money overseas, there’s no way of tracing your money in case of something wrong. Most couriers won’t deliver your cash too.

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DNBC Financial Group currently racked up a huge amount of users globally, consisting of sending money from Norway to USA.

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