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How can a money transfer app make your life easier?


Jan 11, 2023

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Nowadays, if you want to send money faster and more securely, a money transfer app is a good choice. In fact, you can send money through your own smartphone at home or anywhere..

A money transfer app enables your money to transfer between two accounts and charges a certain fee based on your transaction to different countries in the quickest manner.

This article by DNBC Financial Group will enlighten you how a money transfer app makes your life easier and how to transfer money from DNBC app to bank account.

What makes a money transfer app popular?

Money transfer app industry benefits over multi million dollars with more than 866 million accounts from 90 countries.

How can a money transfer app make your life easier?

How can a money transfer app make your life easier?

In 2018, the total transactions in digital transfers all around the world reached 64,173 million dollars. There is an yearly expected increase of 15.9%, which can reach a total of $ 143,096 million in 2023.

Frankly speaking, money transfer apps are great tools for anyone and an irresistible trend nowadays. For example:

A businessman who wants to make domestic and international transactions.

An international traveler who wants to make a reservation for a holiday.

The parents who want to send money abroad to their child…

An expat who wants to send money to relatives/families back to their hometown.

All of these demands can make all expected payments in terms of money transfer apps.

To make money transfer app popular, here are some main factors to consider:


Security is a prior must for any money transfer app in the FinTech industry. Transactions need to be encrypted, and bug fixes should be a regular task to improve their protection and security system.

Money transfer apps not only transfer money but also send reports of each transaction. It’s vital to apply data protection methods to enhance app protection and prevent financial fraud.

Most money transfer apps apply two-factor authentication and biometrics. Also, it can add identity verification, such as KYC and anti-money laundering protection.

Most smartphones are often locked with a fingerprint or password. You won’t worry about anyone else accessing the money transfer app and stealing your money online.

Ease of use

Besides security, a money transfer app should be friendly and easy to use to anyone. You just need to take a few steps to do what you want on the app with complexity.

All you do is to sign in with a username and password. Some apps allow you to apply your fingerprint to log in and make payments.

The app interface should be easy to use, even for people who don’t have much idea about technology habits.


With a good app, you can initiate a money transfer from anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to visit any physical branch, instead.

A smart device (phone/laptop/tablet) is enough. You just need to know username and password, and beneficiary details to make transactions without lengthy steps.

Transaction tracking

If you want to view all transactions, it’s not difficult to find them on a typical money transfer app. All your transactions are often listed on the app. By this way, you can track all your money transfers.

How to transfer money from DNBC app to bank account?

DNBCNet is an international money transfer app that provides easy and secure ways to transfer money internationally. The DNBCnet App makes money transfers easier than ever before.

Traditionally, sending money abroad has been a costly solution, involved in manual paperwork, and hidden charges added.

Nowadays, people long for a faster and cheaper contactless money transfer solution processed fast on a mobile device.

There is a little difference between DNBCnet App and traditional banks, you don’t need to visit a physical bank, you only need access to your online payment account via DNBCnet mobile payment app.

The outstanding interface and one-touch feature help users to enjoy the digital environment on your phone and the ease for making international transactions.

DNBCnet allows users to manage payments anywhere and anytime. As a result, business owners can focus on delivering services, without worry about the payment process. Some more information of this app you need to know:

Keep track of your payments at real time, incoming and outgoing transactions.

Check your balance anywhere, anytime with internet connection.

Review transaction history, download and export report files.

Manage your personal profile and security system setting.

Updating current foreign exchange rates.

Inform of notices, promotions, updated fees and announcements.

Once you register a new account and are approved by DNBC, an email will be sent to you with an username and a SMS with a temporary password to log into your online account.

Once your online account has been approved and a new password has been created, you will have all the services at your fingertips.

Now it’s time for you to transfer money from the DNBC App to a bank account.

  • Step 1 : Pick “Transfer to other banks” on the dashboard.
  • Step 2 : Select which account to transfer from at “From account”.
  • Step 3 : Enter the amount of money and currency
  • Step 4 : Choose the processing time and value date (the date to perform the transaction)
  • Step 5 : Choose the beneficiary account in “Beneficiary”. If the beneficiary account hasn’t been added, choose “New beneficiary” and fill in the required beneficiary details.
  • Step 6 : Upload your payment supporting documents (if necessary), then tap “Confirm”.
  • Step 7 : Review the transaction and Tap “Confirm” again.
  • Step 8 : Enter the OTP sent to your phone number.

With DNBCnet, we believe there is an optimal way to transfer money internationally. This online payment gate is a beneficial way where you can get more values.

On smartphones, you can find DNBCnet App on Appstore or GooglePlay platform by simply searching DNBCNet to make your transaction easier.

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