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How do I get an international business license? DNBC Financial Group


Jan 31, 2023

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Before operating your own business in some countries, you must first get an international business license. Additionally, you will need permission before owning stock in a firm if you want to be a significant shareholder and the company’s headquarters are in a nation that demands an international business license. The regulations vary per nation, but there are a few fundamental steps to obtaining an international business license which DNBC will instruct you in this article.

How do I get an international business license? DNBC Financial Group

How do I get an international business license? DNBC Financial Group

What is licensing in international business?

International licensing is a commercial relationship in which one firm grant another company permission to manufacture its product in exchange for a fee. Licensing is described as the provision of authorization by the licenser to the licensee to utilize property rights, such as trademarks, patents, brand names, or technology, under specific terms. 

The idea of licensing offers a legal route for taking a product or service given in one nation and delivering a nearly identical version of that product or service in another country, resulting in a flatter globe. A licensing agreement offers multinational corporations rights to its intangible property to a foreign entity for a certain length of time. 

The licensee is usually paid a royalty on each item manufactured and sold. Although the international corporation typically has no ownership interests, it frequently gives continuous assistance and guidance. Because there is often no up-front expenditure, most businesses regard licensing as a low-risk market entrance alternative.

What are the benefits of an international business license?

There are various reasons why businesses license things, from expanding a new firm to investigating new markets:

Control: Licensing agreements provide IP owners (Intellectual Property Owners) more flexibility. This agreement protects brands while allowing designers and producers to profit from their licensed items. They are not concerned about unlawful usage.

Exploration: IP owners can explore new markets through licensing with no initial risk. They don’t need to spend money setting up a base of operations in another market or geographic area.

Extension: Licensing enables entrepreneurs, small company start-ups, and existing brands to expand their products into other markets. Companies that launch new products can increase sales and exposure by controlling the outcome.

Support: A licensing deal supports well-known companies by creating additional income and marketing channels. For instance, when a customer uses or wears an item with a sports club’s emblem, the team receives licensing fees and promotes its brand. In addition, sports teams license their logos for clothes, collectibles, or other retail goods.

How to acquire an international business license

There are a few fundamental steps to take to obtain an international business license, albeit the criteria differ depending on the location.

  • Step 1

Engage a legal office with a presence in the nation where you want to license your business. The company can guide you through the procedure for obtaining an international business license, especially concerning completing the appropriate application forms.

  • Step 2 

Request an application from the country’s foreign business office.

  • Step 3

Fill out the necessary information on the license application and submit all supporting documents. You’ll probably have to provide information about your business capital and assets, provide temporary residency, and pay the processing fee. Usually, to get the license, you can have no outstanding financial judgments against you.

  • Step 4

Hold out for permission. According to a special committee’s examination of all applications, you must fulfill all requirements to be granted a foreign business license. Before receiving a foreign business license, you will certainly have to attend an interview.

The four forms of product licensing

  • Brand licensing: A brand license or trademark license gives the licensee the authority to distribute goods using the name or trademark of the brand owner, including the name of the company or designer, their logo, or any tagline connected to the brand. 

The licensing price may vary depending on the revenue produced by the licensee or it may not depend on it at all. A licensing arrangement that permits the licensee to produce and distribute brand-name goods is known as licensed production.

  • Copyright licensing: Under copyright licensing, the licensee is given the legal right to utilize a work that has been granted copyright protection. Books, movies, music, artwork (including cartoon or illustration characters or other imagery), dance choreography, computer programs, and even actual structures can be considered among these things.
  • International licensing: An international license permits a foreign company to produce or utilize a company’s goods in that country. International licensing for IP owners has several advantages. Still, it may face challenges unique to other countries, including limits or tariffs.
  • Patent licensing: A patent license allows a patent owner or holder to maintain ownership over their patent while allowing the licensor access, usually for use in production or dissemination. Licensing requirements complicate patent licensing, often involving all the paperwork needed to get a patent.

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