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How to open business bank account online securely and easily?


Jan 09, 2023

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Among the long list of things to do when you set up your business, it’s necessary to open business bank account online.

Your business bank account will be the center of all your business financial transactions, such as: your profits, your accounts payable, your employee payroll, and more. It’s like the brick and mortar of your business activities.

In addition, a business bank account helps you stay legally compliant and protected. It also provides benefits to your customers and employees.

This guide by DNBC’s experts will enlighten you on how to open business bank account online and the best bank to open a business account.

What is a business bank account?

A business bank account can be a checking account or a savings account. It’s similar to the options for a personal account. Its crucial role is to keep your payments separate from your company’s transactions.

How to open business bank account online securely and easily?

How to open business bank account online securely and easily?

Basically, opening a business bank account online is quicker and easier than visiting a branch and applying in person.

While the process will vary slightly depending on the private bank, you can complete and submit your online application in a few minutes.

Luckily, both online banks and brick-and-mortar institutions allow you to open a business checking account online.

A business bank account is a dedicated account for your business. It is where your company’s money is managed. Your other payments are also managed from here.

No matter how small or big your business model is, it is always a good idea to open a business bank account. Many financial institutions have extra support for small business bank accounts with many benefits.

How to open business bank account online?

Banking for businesses is becoming more secure and protected from fraud nowadays, so it’s safe to open business bank accounts online.

To open a business bank account online, here are some basic steps you can follow:

Supply some basic information about yourself and any business owners.

Include personal identification, like a driver’s license.

Provide some details about your business, like your tax ID number.

Upload your legal business documentation, which will vary based on your entity type.

If the account requires a minimum opening deposit, you’ll also need to fund that deposit by ACH transfer or check payment before submitting your application.

The bank will refund or cancel your deposit in case your application is refused.

In reality, there are some more requirements to open business bank account as follows:

Other requirements to open business bank account

1. Brand and company certifications

If your company’s registered name and branded name are different, then some banks and laws require a business certificate. This is logical in case your company has multiple sub-brands.

2. Credit score information

If your business has an existing credit score, then this will be a compulsory part of your application.

In case you are new to opening an account during business establishment, then the account owner’s credit score can be required.

3. Personal identification

The business owner needs to give personal identification to open an account in their name.

The form of ID will depend on your country of residence and country of operations, but it can require a government-issued identification.

4. Business registration documentation

This documentation is to prove your business entity to be registered with the authorities. It can be a tax certificate and proof of office purchase.

Your bank needs to ensure that you are a legitimate business longing for opening a business account.

5. Ownership and partnership agreements

The best business bank accounts will make room for your business to grow and expand. This includes partnerships.

If you share your business with other entities or have entities with a controlling amount of shares, then that legal paperwork is compulsory.

6. Licensing information

Some licenses need to be obtained after you have an account. But some licenses need to be obtained on registration of your company.

These licenses can be given at the time you open a business bank account.

What to consider when opening business account?

Here are some factors to consider to have an effective business account with opening experience.


A business bank account is not just accessed by an individual. Your finance department, accountants, compliance officers, and even some employees can also be involved in.

A banking system with easy-to-use web portals is convenient. Besides, make sure that they also have a mobile app for employees to access anytime and anywhere.

Additional features and benefits

Many additional benefits are available to business bank account owners. They can be accounting integrations, collateral-free business cards to better interest rates and spend analysis tools.

Transaction rules

If you choose a business checking account, then there can be a minimum and a maximum number of transactions to be done.

Carefully check the transaction rules for your account opening options before deciding which one to pick.

Account opening process

When considering where to open a business account, consider which options have the best process to set up a business bank account.

Also, check if you have all the verification documents required to open an account.

Balance and spend requirements

Many bank accounts require a minimum deposit amount to be fulfilled when the account is opened. It can be a minimum balance you need to maintain without having penalties.

Depending on your kind of account, some banks also have a minimum spend requirement for the account.


There are fees in regard to opening a business account. They include transactional fees, international currency exchange fees, or other fees.

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