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How to send money from Hong Kong to USA with a breeze?


Jan 12, 2023

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It can be daunting to send money from Hong Kong if you’re new or inexperienced to international transfers. In this article, sending money from Hong Kong to the United States is just a breeze.

DNBC’s experts will enlighten you on how to send money from Hong Kong to USA and the best way to transfer money from Hong Kong to US.

Hong Kong and USA economic ties

As we all know, the US is the biggest economy in the world with the fifth highest per‑capita GDP in 2020.

In the meanwhile, Hong Kong is in the top financial centers in the world. In 2021, there were 10 out of the 160 licensed banks, 4 out of the 16 restricted license banks and 1 out of 39 local representative branches in Hong Kong owned by US interests.

How to send money from Hong Kong to USA with a breeze?


How to send money from Hong Kong to USA with a breeze?

US firms also have joined in futures trading, investment advice, and fund management in Hong Kong.

In 2021, there were 254 regional headquarters, 603 local branches and 410 regional branches in Hong Kong with parent companies in the US.

Hong Kong always welcomes international investment so that there is a free flow of capital and investment returns. Hong Kong became the 5th biggest destination for US investors.

In 2020, the US was Hong Kong’s third biggest trading partner, second biggest export market, and sixth biggest import market.

Due to a high demand for business transactions, many services of international transfer are available.

Now it’s time to find out how to send money from Hong Kong to USA and best way to transfer money from Hong Kong to US

Best way to transfer money from Hong Kong to US

It can be confusing when sending money from Hong Kong to the USA because you have so many choices.

The best way to send money from Hong Kong to the United States will vary depending on the payment details, and your personal preferences.

Some expectations in international transactions consist of: going through smoothly, low fees, a fair exchange rate and fast delivery time.

Anyway, here are some considers to think of:

How does your beneficiary want to get the money?

Several service providers have different payout options, such as: bank deposits, cash collection, online transfers…

How do you want to pay?

You’ll seek many options to pay by bank transfer, card or cash depending on each provider picked by you.

How fast do you need the money to get from Hong Kong to the US?

If you choose banks, it can take a few days while online money transfer providers are faster.

What happens if something is wrong with your payment?

Choosing a reputable provider can make you assured. If you have any issues, they can help you immediately.

Should I transfer money from Hong Kong to USA via a bank?

Traditionally, bank transfers can be your first thought to send money from Hong Kong to USA. But, with the boom of Fintech startups in international remittances , you can consider whether it’s worth using your bank for sending money overseas or not.

Basically, banks tend to charge higher fees if compared to online transfer providers. The HKD to USD exchange rate offered by your bank can be quite costly.

It’s recommended you should explore alternative options and consider your total cost and the exchange rate you.

Online money transfer provider is the optimal way to transfer money from Hong Kong to USA because it’s convenient, fast and cost-effective.

Which is the best money transfer provider to transfer money from Hong Kong to USA?

First, you need to pick the suitable money transfer providers from a list of potential institutions. Then, you will decide which provider to go with depending on your demand for transfers.

There are many factors to pick a suitable provider. All will depend on your preferences. It can be related to low fees, the high rate, and fast delivery speed.

Promotion and good deals are another factor for your consideration when sending money from the Hong Kong Dollar to the United States Dollar. Promotion is a perfect factor to reduce your cost, and should be part of your criteria of choosing a suitable provider.

Once you pick a suitable provider, follow some simple steps to get started with your HKD to USD transfer.

  • Enter the provider’s site and start to create an account.
  • Provide documents for ID proof, and required information for a part of compliance and regulatory checks.
  • Add beneficiary information: their bank account in the USA if paying via ACH direct deposit or bank transfers.
  • Enter your sending amount, and get started with your international transaction.
  • Pay for your transaction via your Hong Kong bank account or alternative ways.
  • Sit back and relax, and see your money arrive in the USA.
  • After completing your transaction, you will get notified of your progress.

Nowadays, most online transfer money providers also have mobile transfer apps; it’s more convenient to send and track your transfer from Hong Kong to the USA easily.

DNBC Financial Group is one of them.

Information of DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group is a fast-growing startup in the Fintech sector which strives to boost the optimal business account for international payments in the wake of technological and electronic advancement.

DNBC Financial Group offers full online payment solutions, money transactions in over 173 countries with multiple currencies, being transparent and fast delivery speed.

DNBC Financial group is always willing to support you 24/7 if you plan to send money from Hong Kong to USA.

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