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How to send money from Malta to India [updated in 2022]


Jan 12, 2023

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If you are wondering about how to send money from Malta to India, this guide will enlighten you about your international transaction from Malta to India.

We understand how important it’s for you to send money from Malta to India. This is why we explain more details in this guide

India-Malta relationships

Good news for you is the Maltese government boosts Indian startups and companies to set up business in Malta. For attracting Indian businesses, Malta applied many incentives to Indian companies. Malta also signed a bilateral trade agreement with India for avoiding double taxation.

 How to send money from Malta to India [updated in 2022]

How to send money from Malta to India [updated in 2022]

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1965. India regards Malta as one of the most reputable partners within the EU. Over the last decade, India has incorporated itself into the overseas economy driven by its economic growth.

After over 57 years of bilateral ties, the relations between the two countries have been increasingly strengthened. Despite the difference in size between India and Malta, both countries have active economies for the benefits of the Maltese and Indian people.

In greater detail, the economic relationship of India and Malta has reached nearly $350 millions in 2017 with fast growth in different sectors.

In 2020, India exported $318 millions to Malta. During the last 25 years, the exports of India to Malta have increased at a rate of 12.8%.

As you see, there is a huge demand in business and personal purposes for international exchange between India and Malta.

How to send money from Malta to India?

Money could be sent to all corners in India from Malta in different ways. It can be confusing when transferring money from Malta to India because you have so many choices.

Here are some optimal suggestions you should keep in mind.

Send money from Malta to India via a bank transfer

Bank transfer can be your first thought when you’re planning to send money. Sending money to Australia from Malta can be easy if you use your local bank.

In general, transactions are secure and there is no possibility of payment reversals. This payment method is very popular with customers around the world.

If you send a large amount of money to India once, banks are the optimal solution because you’re charged once your transaction. It’s more economical instead of sending a small amount many times.

Unfortunately, banks tend to charge high fees and often give low exchange rates. This results in a costly money transfer and a big segment of your earned money doesn’t reach your beneficiary.

Before making a bank transfer, you should always double-check the required credit in your account.

If you don’t have the enough balance to meet the cost you can go overdrawn & be charged by your bank.

If you’re making a transfer in person in the branch and are unaware of whether you have enough money, ask the bank teller to check before getting started with the transfer from Matla to India.

If you are due to get paid at weekends, but only have time to visit the bank before that, you can schedule the date for your international transfer so it’s in progress after getting paid.

The bank teller can ask you about what date you want to send the money, then she initiates your transfer from Matla to India.

Send money via an online money transfer provider

As technological advancements have been yielded, the choices for sending money from Malta to India are plentiful.

Nowadays, instead of waiting in a queue at a money transfer counter, you can send money via online banking from your phone or laptop quickly and safely.

It’s easier than in the past to transfer money via traditional banks. The online service offers international coverage, multiple payments and fast delivery modes which are convenient and user-friendly.

The possibility to transfer money to India via online money transfer has added convenience to many people.

It’s recommended to consider this typical list of online money transfer providers as your choice to transfer money from Malta to India: DNBC Financial Group, CurrencyFair, WorldRemit, TransferGo, Western Union,XE, Remitly, TransferWise, OFX, …

Take DNBC Financial Group as a typical provider to send money from Malta to India. At DNBC Financial Group, you will be transferred a big amount of money (up to 500 000 EUR a day) for international business accounts in 173 countries. They supply their customers with alternative transfers at the most preferable possible rate.

The beneficiary will receive the money in one-three days. Especially in some situations, the beneficiary money will reach in a few minutes. It’s necessary if there is any emergency, and you have to get the money across from Malta to India without waiting for your international transactions so long.

Alternatively, you can think of other ways to suit your demand for transferring money from Malta to India such as Remitly, CurrencyFair, Wise or TransferGo, Western Union or WorldRemit.

You can easily send money between accounts online. It’s more convenient and economical than visiting a bank in person.

More about DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group is a fast-growing fintech startup, providing money transaction solutions all around the world.

By setting a high standard for innovation in the money transfer platform since 2017, DNBC Financial Group has offered solutions for international transfer, including from Malta to India and more.

DNBC Financial Group currently has an increasing number of users globally and become one of the reputable providers in the world.

And now you can clearly know how to send money from Malta to India.

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