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How to send money to Canada securely


Jan 16, 2023

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Are you looking for a method to help you save time and cost when sending money to Canada? Are you concerned about the high exchange rates and hidden fees? Don’t worry, in this article, DNBC Financial Group’s experts help you shed a light on transferring money to Canada.

How to send money to Canada securely

How to send money to Canada securely

The best ways to transfer money to Canada

Send money online to Canada

Transferring money via online platforms is the cheapest and fastest method to send money to Canada from other nations. There are a variety of online payment service providers, including DNBC Financial Group. Some money transfer companies advertise that their services are free but there are hidden fees. At DNBC Financial Group, we always provide cost transparency as well as exchange rates for customers. Customers will know exactly how much their transfers cost before making payments.

Send money to Canada through bank transfers

The significant benefit of this method is that the customers don’t worry about safety and security. In addition, it isn’t cost-efficient. Moreover, if transaction speed is your priority, a bank transfer isn’t a good choice. The transfer takes a long time to arrive. Therefore, we don’t recommend you to use this method.

Transfer money to Canada through wire transfer services

Wire transfer services are easily accessible and available worldwide. It means you can find wire transfer service providers in every city. And, the best advantage is that you can transfer your money in your own currency. Once the transfer is completed, your recipient can immediately claim the money. Sending money international through bank transfers, by contrast, could take a couple of days to arrive depending on bank policy.

However, this method also has some drawbacks. It’s nonreversible when a transfer is made. If you change your mind, you won’t be able to get your money back. It is especially risky when you pay for something and you don’t know the recipient personally.

Send money to Canada through international money order

With an international money order, you can prepay an amount that will be used as a safe form of payment. It functions exactly similar to a domestic money order. It is critical to know that you won’t be able to use your money immediately. You can ask your Canadian bank to know when you can use your money.

Transfer money to Canada by prepaid debit card (or travel prepaid card)

If you have a plan to settle down in Canada or travel to Canada, you should prepare a prepaid international debit card from a bank in your home country.

You transfer money to your prepaid card before going to Canada. With this card, you can use and withdraw money from an ATM.

As you know transferring money via online platforms is the cheapest and fastest way. DNBC can be an ideal provider so it would be helpful to know how to send money to Canada via DNBC platform as below:

How to send money to Canada online

The procedures depend on the provider you choose from. With the DNBCnet App, the process of transferring money to Canada is quite easy.

Step 1: Set up your transfer: Choose a transferring amount and tell us who you’re sending it.

Step 2: Pay for your transfer: You can pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Step 3: Track your transfer with DNBCnet mobile payment app. DNBC’s employees are always ready to support customers 24/7.

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