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How to send money to China from Australia fast and inexpensively?


Jan 10, 2023

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To send money to China from Australia can be easy if you use your local bank, but it could be expensive and slow. Alternatively, an international transfer service in-person at a store may be a speedy option. However, there are more affordable ways to send money to China than these. At that time, online money transfer services may offer the best of both worlds – a low-cost option that enables you to transfer money with better exchange rates – the recipient will receive more renminbis for the same amount of money you send.

How to send money to China from Australia fast and inexpensively?

How to send money to China from Australia fast and inexpensively?


Send money to China from Australia in the abstract.

Many banks and foreign money transfer businesses will tout their simplicity and convenience, but remember that such a service has a cost. In addition to any charges levied, paying attention to the exchange rate is essential, especially if you’re sending significant sums of money at once. This is because these providers frequently profit from the transfer service by taking a cut. You may pay the price for an unfavorable exchange rate.

The main concern with any foreign exchange transaction , in this case, the corresponding currency is China Yuan – the biggest question is, “How much CNY will I get for X Australian Dollars? “. You must compare offers using this figure and consider your priorities while you prepare to send your money to China.

Your amount of exchange

Several money transfer services specify a minimum transaction amount. Therefore, you will have fewer options for providers if you merely want to send $60 to a Chinese friend, as you would like to send money to China from Australia for purchasing a load of products from Guangzhou.

Safely money transfer

Transferring money overseas is now relatively simple, but as the Federal Government emphasizes on its Moneysmart website, you must be careful to whom you send money and ensure you have the correct payment information and paperwork. Getting your money back is tough if you unintentionally send it to a scammer. (More scammed details provided by the Australian government)

It is advised that you confirm the provider is governed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ( ASIC) and own an Australian Financial Services Licence number (AFSL), which can be found on their website if you send money to China from Australia via an International Money Transfer provider (IMT).

Furthermore, you can examine their membership in the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), an organization you can check if something goes wrong.

The fees charged by a respectable IMT will also be openly disclosed as opposed to being tucked away during the transaction or currency conversion.

Speedy requirement

Your choice of service will depend on how quickly you require the money to arrive. Typically, the cost of same-day or next-day services is higher than the cost of services that deliver money in up to five working days. Check costs and conversion rates before using some services that can send money abroad in minutes.

If you send an international money order abroad, it could take longer than an internet transfer. Additionally, it may occasionally cost extra.

How to send money to China from Australia effectively?

Using your Bank Account

It’s simple, convenient, and secure to send money overseas using an Australian bank account. It will typically be possible for you to complete the transaction online, and it is frequently referred to as a SWIFT or SEPA transfer.

Purchase Order

With an international money order, your bank will send a check that the recipient may pick up locally and deposit at their end.

You can send money to China from Australia at participating Australia Post locations if you visit suitable sites. If you go to the post office, you can mail the cash and pay for it as long as you have legitimate identification.

Money transfer companies

Australians who want to send money to China from Australia normally use money transfer services. They can transfer the funds into the recipient’s bank account or to their nearby branch so they can pick it up in person. They are often reasonably priced.

EFTPOS or cash can be used to make an international bank transfer in person, or you can do it online from the comfort of your home. The cost will vary according to the nation you are in, the currency you are sending, and the currency it will be received in.

If you need to send money to China from Australia fast or if the recipient doesn’t have a bank account, you can utilize MoneyGram and Western Union – but they are not cheap.


If you and the recipient both have a PayPal account, using PayPal to transfer money across more than 200 nations is a simple alternative.

However, PayPal is an expensive method of sending money abroad because its foreign exchange rates are frequently the highest available.


We’ve moved past when you had to physically pick up a money order from your bank before mailing it abroad. Nowadays, people can contact several online money transfer businesses if they wish to send money to China from Australia. Find your best option by comparing their costs, currency exchange rates, transfer limits, and times.

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