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How to send money to Estonia securely and easily


Jan 30, 2023

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If you plan to send money to Estonia, congratulations! You’re in the right place to know how to send money to Estonia and detailed information about Estonia country.

Good news for you! The Estonian government imposes no restrictions on currency money transfers to Estonia. Transferring money overseas from Estonia is also not prohibited, both within or outside the EU.

Estonia in brief before sending money

Estonia joined the EU in 2004 and the single-currency eurozone in 2011. As a part of the EU, Estonia has built a perfect environment for foreign trades and foreign direct investments.

How to send money to Estonia securely and easily

How to send money to Estonia securely and easily

EUR currency can be freely transferred to Estonia and out of Estonia. No restrictions on foreign money transfers or currency conversions are imposed. Also, Estonia seeks to monitor and control money laundering abuses very closely.

Estonia encourages foreign direct investment and imposes no restrictions or limitations of investments or foreign transfers, consisting of lease payments, loans, remittances on investment capital.

Sending money to Estonia within Europe is considerably simplified. The introduction of the single currency euro made the transaction system and transfer of money faster and more convenient.

Estonia has liberal economic policies, and a positive investment environment. All factors made it one of the top nations in foreign direct investment in Europe. In 2013, Estonia drew 20.7 billion dollars of foreign investment.

The Government of Estonia, Central bank and the Bank of Estonia are in charge of controlling the domestic banking system and managing all financial transactions.

In addition, they maintain an independent Financial Intelligence Unit to supervise all suspicious transactions, help to impose anti-terrorism measures, and restrain money laundering in terms of international money transfers .

How to send money to Estonia securely and easily?

Basically, there are 3 possibilities to send money to Estonia. It consists of a bank, a post or online transfer money provider or a Cash Pickup.

In general, banks don’t offer favorable exchange rates and also impose per-transfer fees on your overseas transactions.

Cash Pickup is known for charging high per-transfer fees. This way seems very expensive for the people who are planning to regularly transfer to Estonia.

An online transfer money provider is a great alternative to send money to Estonia because it’s convenient, secure and fast.

Here is a 3-step instruction on how to send money to Estonia.

Step 1: Choose a reputable provider before signing up

You can transfer money to Estonia economically and easily by picking the right service provider first.

Try to seek for the top providers, and narrow down on the list after they meet your specific needs.

It’s required to sign up as a personal or business account with some basic information.

Most providers (such as DNBC Financial Group) will verify your identity to comply with their regulatory requirements.

Step 2: Consider exchange rates, get started with the online transfers

Check the historical EUR rates carefully if you want to transfer money to Estonia at any point in time.

Get started with your transfer process by allowing your service to know of the expected transfer funds and choose a rate quote. This is the time you need to provide the beneficiary’s Estonian details.

Step 3: Transfer the funds, track your transfers

There are two main steps in sending money to Estonia.

First, send the money to your service provider chosen by you as a prerequisite.

Then, your service provider will transfer the funds straight to the receiver’s bank account.

You easily track your transfer progress via online updates or notifications through email or phone.

More information of DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group is an online money transfer provider with more than 5 years of experience in overseas transactions.

This is a financial institution in the international financial industry, providing personal and business accounts with a smart digital payment system, a convenient payment platform, and an online money transfer/receipt service online easily worldwide.

DNBC Financial Group’s mission is to simplify global financial payments, secure day-to-day transactions, and ensure each customer always meets their payment goals.

You can make a transaction limit of up to 500 000 EUR per day for a business account. They provide the customers with transfer alternatives at the lowest possible rate and shortening your waiting time.

The beneficiary can get the remitted money in one-three days. Especially in some cases, the beneficiary can receive their money in minutes.

If you don’t know how to send money to Estonia, DNBC Financial Group is the perfect solution for you.

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