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How to send money to Macedonia fast and cost-effectively?


Jan 10, 2023

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We are here to help you to send money to Macedonia as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We offer you the cheapest way to send money to Macedonia via our services.

Macedonia’s free economic zones and low tax rates are the most significant aspects to attract foreign investment. If you have business partners or want to expand your business to this country, you’re looking for an affordable and fast method to send money to Macedonia.

Our DNBC Financial Group’s experts will provide all information you need to know to make a well-informed decision to do this.

How to send money to Macedonia fast and cost-effectively?

How to send money to Macedonia fast and cost-effectively?

How to send money to Macedonia

There are various methods to transfer money from your country to Macedonia. However, within the scope of this article, we will show you 3 popular ways to do this.

Sending money to Macedonia through banks

Bank transfer, which is also known as SWIFT transfer, is a traditional option to transfer money overseas. The most significant advantage when using this method is security because you don’t need to disclose any financial information to the bank.

Nevertheless, if you transfer a huge amount or are concerned about transaction speed, a bank transfer may not be a good choice.

When using SWIFT transfers, you could be charged several fees such as the charges imposed by both banks (the sending and receiving banks) as well as any charges levied by the intermediary banks. Moreover, banks typically don’t give the best exchange rates.

Transferring money to Macedonia through online digital platforms

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, sending money globally is more convenient, affordable, and faster. Using online money transfer platforms will allow you to save time as well as money because you don’t need to visit a physical bank branch and wait in a long queue, especially on special occasions, or pay high charges at your bank.

There are a huge number of online transfer money apps for you to choose from, including DNBC Financial Group.

Through our platform, customers can avoid unexpected costs as well as make payment transactions to Macedonia at the lowest conversion rates. Depending on the type of transaction, it could take 1 – 5 working days for the payment to be completed.

Sending money to Macedonia through P2P payments

P2P payments stand for Peer-to-Peer payments, which allow you to send money directly from your phone via a linked bank account or a credit or debit card.

P2P payment is much more affordable than the services offered by banks. Using real, mid-market exchange rates and low fees are two main aspects of creating its competitive edge.

With P2P payments, customers can send funds rapidly while keeping their bank account information confidential.

This method is available through banks, credit unions, and social media networks, including Facebook.

The cheapest way to send money to Macedonia

Choosing the suitable option when sending money to Macedonia will allow you to save a huge amount of money.

There are two significant aspects you need to consider thoroughly before making decisions about which method you will choose

  • Charges
  • Exchange Rates


To avoid hidden charges, you should check and choose the one offering the service with transparent costs.

At DNBC Financial Group, we always share all information about our fees with customers, so they don’t need to worry about any unexpected costs when making transactions through our smart digital banking platform.

Conversion rates

The foreign currency converter rate will decide the amount you have to pay when sending money globally. It may differ amongst particular banks. So, make sure to compare conversion rates to get the best ones.

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