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How to send money to Poland from UK?


Jan 18, 2023

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If you want to send money to family or friends in Poland from the UK, you could use DNBC international money transfer. Find out the cheapest and easiest way to send money from the UK to Poland online with DNBC.

About 2 million Polish migrants are living in the UK, so the demand for transferring money to Poland from the UK is incredibly high. To help you make a good decision, in this article, DNBC Financial Group’s experts will give you a quick guide on how to send money to Poland from the UK safely and inexpensively.

How to send money to Poland from UK?

How to send money to Poland from UK

Transfer money through bank transfers

This method is also known as a telegraphic transfer (TT), a money transfer, or a wire or SWIFT transfer. When using a bank transfer, you don’t need to worry about security. However, banks cannot be a good option because of their less competitive exchange rate converter. Moreover, if your recipients are rushing to receive money, a bank transfer may not be suitable because it can take up to 5 working days to go through. Especially on holidays and weekends, it can take longer.

Money transfer company

Another way to send money from UK to Poland is through a money transfer company. The exchange rates could be the best advantage of this method. Compared to banks, most money transfer companies provide more competitive exchange rates. Besides that, transaction speed is also the best here. One more advantage of this method is convenient when you can transfer money online from websites, applications, or physical locations. Note that if you are too lazy to visit an in-person branch, both banks and money transfer companies typically offer an online portal to send money to Poland.

Online Payment Systems

Transmitting money through an online payment system is incredibly convenient. With just a few clicks, you can easily and quickly send money to Poland from UK. In addition, this method is extremely helpful for those who have been stressed about managing their expenses because it provides all the necessary information about the amount, date of transactions as well as the type of transactions.

The biggest cons of online payments are that they are vulnerable to being hacked. Through phishing techniques, hackers can get your sensitive data such as passwords and credit card numbers.

At DNBC Financial Group, we protect our customers by using SSL / TLS encryption and also introduce Authy OTP authentication and IDenfy features, which offer administrative tools for user identification data collection. Moreover, when using our DNBCnet Mobile transfer app, your account will be secured with two factors authentication. Create a new international transfer account with DNBC here.

Peer-to-Peer transfers

Peer to Peer (P2P) payments are a way for users to electronically transfer funds from one person’s bank account to another.

One of this method’s most attractive advantages is convenience. Peer-to-peer transfers may also have very low transaction costs of 2% to 3% because all transactions take place electronically without the need for an intermediary. Even while this method has many advantages, there are still some disadvantages such as no reimbursements, human errors, or unpredictability.

Which is the best way to send money to Poland from UK?

To answer this question, you should ask yourself first what your priorities are: speed, limit, costs, or something else.

Transaction speed

Keep in mind that the exchange rates fluctuate continuously, so the rate you are considering now may change when the recipient has access to the funds.

At DNBC Financial Group, transactions can take about 1 – 5 business days to complete, and immediately within the DNBC network.

Transaction costs and fees

Before making payments, thoroughly check costs with providers to avoid hidden fees. We recommend that if you have non-urgent transactions, use normal transfers to save costs.

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