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How to transfer money from Switzerland to Australia


Jan 30, 2023

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Whether you plan to transfer money from Switzerland to Australia, there are different methods for you out there. It can be through bank transfers, online money transfer providers or others.

To help you make an international transaction from Switzerland to Australia, DNBC Financial Group will guide you with optimal ways to transfer.

Glance at Switzerland and Australia ties

In Australia, AUD is the official currency while CHF is officially used in Switzerland.

In principle, to facilitate the currency transfer money from Switzerland to Australia, a CHF to AUD currency transfer is necessary.

Australia and Switzerland have shared an economic relationship for ages. In 2012, Switzerland was the fifth-largest general investor in Australia.

How to transfer money from Switzerland to Australia

How to transfer money from Switzerland to Australia

Last year, the merchandise trade between Australia and Switzerland reached $3.6 billion, while two-way services trade hit about $1.8 billion.

About 43,000 Swiss tourists traveled to Australia for their holiday or business purposes in 2010. By 2012-2013, the number had reached around 46,000 Swiss tourists.

In addition, more than 800 Swiss students are enrolling in educational institutions across the country.

From all of the information, we know that there is a huge demand for transfer money for business, tourist or education purposes. Accordingly, many transfer options are available for you.

Here is the best collection of the best money transfer methods from Switzerland to Australia.

What’s the best way to transfer money from Switzerland to Australia?

When it comes to transferring money from Switzerland to Australia, it seems that there are endless possibilities.

The old time with only one way to send money is gone. Nowadays, you can send money in different ways. It means you can pick the one that better suits your demands.

By the end of this reading, you will be well-informed of which way is the best according to your demands.

Send money to Australia from Switzerland via a bank transfer>

Transferring money to Australia from Switzerland can be easy and reliable if you go to a bank.

For transferring large funds to Australia, it’s a good idea to use a bank. The fees can be not as expensive as that small amount of money. Your bank can allow you to send a bigger amount if you go directly to your branch. So it’s often faster and simpler.

However, there are some drawbacks of transferring money to Australia from Switzerland via a bank.

Most banks tend to charge high fees and more costs. Hidden fees and foreign exchange rate added can make your international transactions expensive. This can account for a large percentage of the transferred amount, especially for smaller transactions with many times of sending.

Going straight to a bank can take time and hassle. In addition, some banks will set a limit to the amount transferred every single day.

So, don’t consider banks as the best solution for sending money internationally. There are best solutions as follows:

Online money transfer providers

In contrast to the traditional banks, these providers offer a wide range of pros to the customers.

Online money transfer services often offer a quick service with a reasonable price to send money to Australia from Switzerland. You will easily transfer your money without having to leave your house.

Fees, exchange rates, legal requirements and tax regulations are just a few of these factors you’ll need to carefully evaluate before transferring your funds.

In conclusion, Online money transfer providers offer competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees.

Here is a list of the most reputable money transfer services to send money to Australia from Switzerland: DNBC Financial Group, EasySend, Remitly, Wise, TransferGo, FairFX, CurrencyFair, WorldRemit, Xe…

These money transfer services like DNBC Financial Group will offer you both an online account and a mobile money transfer app.

This allows you to make transfers and track your payments all day or all night. You don’t have to waste time transferring money from one nation to another each time for transferring funds.

The maximum amount of money can come up to 500 000 EUR a day for business accounts in your transaction.

With the aid of foreign money transfer services, it can request a quick money transfer online and have your money arrive in the beneficiary account in just 1-3 business days.

When compared to the costs of sending money via banking methods, the fees with using online money services will be more economical.

More about DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group strives to boost the best business account for international payments , including transfer money from Switzerland to Australia.

We offer full online payment solutions, money transactions in 173 countries with multiple currencies, being transparent and fast delivery speed. DNBC Financial group is always willing to support you 24/7.

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