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Important notes when you want to transfer money to Germany from India


Jan 18, 2023

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If you want to transfer money from India to Germany, you need to make sure that you’re not making any mistakes. 3 tips to transfer money from India to Germany for you.

The trade between India and Germany has been steadily growing over the past few years, and India is now one of Germany’s most important trading partners. The bilateral relations were founded on common democratic principles and are marked by high-level trust and mutual respect. Today exports from Germany to India have amounted to $12.1B in 2021, while the country imports more than $8.8B worth of goods from India.

Accordingly, there are many cases where people need to transfer money to Germany from India. But not everyone knows how to transfer money both safely and at a low cost. In addition, to transfer money to Germany, there are some important notes. Therefore, DNBC wants to share this article to help those who are in need of money transfer to Germany find the most effective solution!

Important notes when you want to transfer money to Germany from India

Important notes when you want to transfer money to Germany from India

Important notes you need to know

When you go to Germany, you cannot carry too much cash. Partly because of the risk that you may drop or lose it during travel, partly because the government restricts carrying a lot of cash when leaving the country. The maximum amount of money you bring with you is about 5000 Euro. So, after spending all the money you carry or having a need for money that is not available, some of you have to ask your family to transfer money to Germany. International money transfers are also common in business. So to have successful transactions you need to know the following notes.

Remittance accounts need to have a high reputation

To transfer money, many people do a bank transfer. These are reputable money transfer locations, if there is an error, the bank will guarantee. When transferring money through a bank, you will have to pay a number of fees such as money transfer fee, fixed electricity fee, and processing fee of foreign banks, … In addition, you must accept the transfer with the exchange rate difference. This price will usually be higher than the price when buying in the free market.

Not only do you need to pay the money transfer fee, but you also have to have proofs that prove the necessity of the money transfer before the bank can execute the transfer order. It can be a request for proof of finance, a notice of payment of tuition fees, etc. The transferee must bring his identity card and have a copy of the passport of the person living in Germany. However, although the procedure is quite complicated and the fees are high, the transaction will be safe and not lose money.

Do not deal with unscrupulous individuals and organizations

Because transferring money through banks takes a lot of fees and complicated procedures, many people choose to transact with individuals/organizations outside of the free market. Of course, there will still be reliable organizations (including DNBC Financial Group). However, with the vast financial market, it is very easy to encounter unscrupulous scammers. Therefore, if the transaction is not done with the bank, it is necessary to check the reputation of the partner carefully before the transaction. The amount of money in international transactions is usually very large, so you need to be careful not to lose all your money. Because it is an international transaction, it will also be difficult to prosecute criminals because the scope of the investigation is very wide.

Make sure the recipient and sender information is correct

Before transferring money to Germany, the sender must fill in the information of both the sender and the receiver of the money. For example, when the sender transfers money to Germany from India, the sender must enter both the sender’s information in India and the recipient’s information in Germany. The geographical distance between India and Germany is very far, so it is necessary to carefully check the information before sending it. The sender needs to ensure that all information entered is correct. Because international transactions have a lot of procedures, if there is an error, it can take a long time to process.

Why use the DNBCnet app to transfer money from India to Germany?

A lot of people ask the question of how to transfer money to Germany from India. The simple answer is to use the DNBCnet app. To transfer money internationally, specifically to Germany, there are many important procedures and notes. This is when people need to find a reputable place to make money transfers more convenient. Fortunately, DNBCnet is the digital payment app that meets all the needs of customers with the following benefits.

Quick and reliable money transfer

The platform allows international money transfer in the fastest way. When transferring money internationally, the most important factor second only to fees is the speed of the transfer. With the DNBCnet app, the recipient can receive money immediately if using the DNBC network. If the recipient does not use it, the money will arrive in only 1-2 business days. DNBCnet app is easy to use with a simple and clear interface. The registration only takes a few steps and then can be used easily.

The simple money transfer process

DNBCnet app is easy to use with a simple and clear interface. The registration only takes a few steps and then can be used easily. Best of all, you can track your transfer and get notified every time a transaction occurs. So you will easily update the information about the transaction. Especially always know your account balance.

About DNBC Financial Group

It is not easy to transfer money to Germany, is it? However, if you pay attention to the notes mentioned in the article and use the DNBCnet application, all your transactions will go smoothly and successfully. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact DNBC Financial Group immediately for answers.

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