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Improve your mobile financial apps securely with 5 useful tips


Jan 10, 2023

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Mobile financial apps have become immensely popular nowadays. These apps help you check your account balances and make, receive payments fast and conveniently.

People don’t need to wait in a queue for banks to open before transferring money or checking your balance accounts.

In spite of the benefits, mobile banking apps can have potential risks. This article will talk about the safety and security of mobile finance apps and give you 6 tips to protect yourself from any risk while using the apps.

Improve your mobile financial apps securely with 5 useful tips

Improve your mobile financial apps securely with 5 useful tips

5 tips to enhance your mobile financial app security

While mobile financial apps are regarded as a secure way of managing your finances, it can be vulnerable to some harm if you don’t know how to keep safe.

Here are 6 tips to help you enhance the safety of your online accounts in apps.

1. Make sure you download the official app from reputable provider

Commonly, an online provider’s website will often attach a link to their mobile apps for download. In addition, this app will provide mobile banking services and details of the app’s features and how to use it.

You can download from those links to make sure the apps are official. Also, you should take time to cover all reviews and related information of the app before downloading it to ensure it’s reputable and reliable.

If there are any doubts of a fake app, clarify the issue with your bank before deciding to download.

2. Set a strong password

Many people don’t seem to pay enough attention to their passwords because they think their password is always secured. This is not true.

To have a strong password with high security, you should combine some uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters in random order.

According to security experts, the password should be long, complex. You can create your own rules with your passwords. This can help you to remember your passwords.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use your date of birth, your full name or simple or predictable letters or numbers to set your passwords.

This helps your password unpredictable and exponentially increase the time to crack it. It can help to have a unique password for each account.

If you don’t remember and manage multiple passwords with different apps, you should save your passwords in a secret place that no-one can recognize except from you.

3. Use two-factor authentication as prerequisite

Two-factor authentication is designed to ensure that you’re the only person to access your own account. This is a security tool to protect your financial accounts from unauthorized access and hackers.

Nowadays, most app services are applying two-factor or multi-factor authentication. This technique mentions one or many added layers to improve security.

With a username-password login, users are required to identify themselves with a random code sent back to their email or phone.

This way is to confirm the user’s identity, app providers remove a degree of uncertainty. Two-factor or multi-factor authentication helps to increase security. You should choose an app with this feature.

For DNBCnet App, they apply two-factor authentication to protect your financial accounts from any risks. They put security on top priority.

Also, DNBCnet App protects your user data and applies SSL/TLS encryption & cloud data.

They rely on cybersecurity with respect to user information and focus on improvement of technologies to help every payment surpass fraud in transaction and protect data.

This makes DNBCnet App one of the best mobile financial apps in the market.

4. Avoid public Wi-Fi when using financial apps

Public Wi-Fi networks are available and convenient in every situation; however, they can be a weak spot in security.

Public networks can be unencrypted and unsecured. This makes it easy for hackers to take your personal information.

So, you should avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for logging in your app, especially for making financial transactions.

5. Set an email/text alert for potential fraud

The easiest way to protect your fund is to keep a careful eye on all transactions. However, security notifications from your bank are an additional measure.

Most of the providers allow you to turn on transaction alerts in different services: balance transfers, international purchases , and exceed credit limits. This helps you identify any suspicious activities on your account.

You need to remember a financial provider will never contact you via an email or over the phone to ask for your banking and personal information.

If you receive a message like that, it can be a scam from hackers. It’s like claiming you won a prize and need to have your personal account details to receive the money.

Keep in mind that never share your bank account details or codes with anyone.

Try to check with your bank to confirm each activity to be safe. In addition to getting alerts notified, app providers will send helpful instructions to protect your account from any fraud.

Information of DNBCnet App as best mobile financial apps

With the DNBCnet App, it will be easy to manage your accounts with a one-touch screen, and all features you need for your global transfer.

You will manage and execute payments from one app. DNBCnet App brings creativity with improving the experience of traditional payments. It delivers superior access to international transfer and direct payments.

In addition to offering advantages of excellent rates and exclusive packages to perform cross-border transactions, it will manage your payments all in one place and track your daily payments with ease.

It’s convenient to make online transactions, fast process and dedicated support. Join our digital platform to experience the advanced mobile payment platform designed to help you send and manage your payment. DNBCnet App is considered one of the best financial app for Iphone and best mobile financial apps in the market.

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