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Is it difficult to send money from Slovakia to UK nowadays?


Jan 28, 2023

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The cost of living in the UK is among the most expensive in the world. But this is a country worth living and working in. Because there is an excellent educational system in place, as well as numerous job opportunities. That is why many people choose the UK as a place to study and settle down. What if you want to support the costs of a loved one in the UK? Is it difficult to send money from Slovakia to UK and how to transfer money from Slovakia to UK?

Is it difficult to send money from Slovakia to UK nowadays?

Is it difficult to send money from Slovakia to UK nowadays?

The benefits that money transfer service brings

The world is developing more and more convenient services. Among them is the international money transfer service. Of all the methods of sending money abroad, this is also the best way to transfer money from Slovakia to the UK. What benefits will users receive when choosing an international money transfer service?

Save time

It is a fact that people always want money-related matters to be handled easily and quickly. Having to wait makes them nervous, not knowing if the transaction is safe or not. In addition, for busy people, they will not have time to go to the bank to transfer money. It can be seen that the first benefit of an online money transfer service is that it saves a lot of time.

Low cost of money transfer

If you use the service, you have to pay. But with money transfer services, the fee for this service will be cheaper than going to the bank or using other methods.

High security for all customer data

All money transfer services are set up with a high-security mode, which is checked continuously. Prevent thieves from stealing user information. So you can rest assured when transferring money from Slovakia to the UK. Those who are preparing to transfer money for the first time should choose a service with a high reputation and trusted by many people.

How to send money from Slovakia to UK using a money transfer service?

Transferring money from Slovakia to the UK is not as difficult as it used to be. Technology is increasingly advanced, so you have thousands of ways to transfer money abroad in a short time. So how do you transfer money apps from Slovakia to the UK using a money transfer service?

Create a free account

Creating an account to transfer or receive money on the service’s website only takes a few seconds. First of all, you need an email address and a phone number to confirm successful account registration.

Provide some personal information for the first transfer

With an account making transactions for the first time, you need to provide some personal information such as full name, address, phone number, send money as an individual or business, etc. You can be confident that all information you provide will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with the law.

Choose the specific amount you want to send

Depending on the country you send money to, there may be a limit on the amount of money sent to the recipient. Are you in Slovakia and want to transfer money to the UK? The service will advise you on the amount to be transferred.

Provide information related to the payee

In addition to your personal information, you also need to provide additional information about the recipient. It can be a detailed account number, the name of a bank or a financial institution. This helps ensure funds are sent correctly to the recipient.

Make sure everything goes smoothly

After completing the above items, you should review the entire transaction once. You can edit the information or deposit the amount if you want. Please ensure that all the information provided is correct.

Payment for wire transfer

The final step is to make the payment for your transfer. There are numerous methods available, including credit cards and debit cards. Depending on which method you choose, the service will support you with payment methods.

Things to keep in mind when transferring money from Slovakia to the UK today

There are a few things you need to be aware of before transferring money from Slovakia to the UK. These notes are intended to help the transaction go smoothly.

UK exchange rate

The exchange rate is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Slovakia is part of the European Union, so the Euro currency is circulated. The UK’s currency is the British Pound. Currently, the exchange rate between the Euro and the British Pound is 1: 0.87. This exchange rate will change over time. Some remittance services will cover the actual cost with other costs. You should therefore find out market exchange rates before transferring money to the UK.

The duration of the recipient’s residence permit in the UK

With money transfers to UK short-term residence permit holders. Double-check as this permit only allows you to stay in the UK for a certain period of time. The expired license will hinder the process of transferring and receiving money for both parties.

Transfer fee

All money transfer services will charge a fee for the customer’s money transfer. Depending on the money transfer service you choose, the transfer fees will be different. But rest assured, because the fee for bonus transfer services is cheaper than other methods.


Hopefully, through the above article, you have gained some more information about send money from Slovakia to UK. In addition, the money transfer service makes it easier for you to conduct international transactions. We know that there are still a few who feel hesitant about transferring money online. Don’t worry, to help you understand more about money transfer services. We are and will try to provide more information in the next few articles.

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