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Moving overseas: essential considerations for choosing a moving company


Mar 06, 2023

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Nowadays, an increasing number of people are moving long distances, even to another country. Having a suitable moving company will get you out of moving stress.

It’s more important to find a suitable international moving company, especially for your current home and your new one. Read on to understand moving companies overseas.

What to consider picking an international moving company?

Keep some important factors in mind when picking a moving company right for your relocation demands.

Be aware of your needs

You need to understand what really matters to you. Moving to another county can be very challenging and stressful. If you have priceless assets that you can’t leave without them or a company’s insurance policy doesn’t compensate for any of those damaged items, you need to consider choosing better service providers.

For example, try to pick a moving company with a long track record of safe deliveries and good guarantee.

If your assets can be easily found in the destination country, you can buy them there instead of packing them with you.

Moving overseas: essential considerations for choosing a moving

Moving overseas: essential considerations for choosing a moving company

Reviews related to moving company

Although moving to another country seems complicated, overseas moving companies can offer all moving services. Online reviews can be an effective factor to choose one among many of them.

You can choose various companies and look at them carefully on different review sites.

You can read some complaints of customer service, late deliveries or other issues. Having a full understanding of what really matters will keep you from avoiding companies with particular disadvantages.

Get exact quotes

Price quotes can be tricky to attract you. You should get to know quotes very carefully.

The quote can be an absolute price or estimated cost.

With the absolute price, the moving company will carry any risk in moving. They won’t charge you more money if something wrong happens.

Estimated quotes are less expensive, but the risk is passed on the customer.

You need to compare the same quotes, so you can sort out the cheapest international moving company for your needs. You need to remember that the lowest-priced quote must not be really the best option.

Ask any questions

International relocation can be costly. Most people just do it once, so there will be a lot of questions from you. Your moving company should have a comprehensive understanding of what you will ask.

So, don’t be afraid to ask for detailed information. If you’re received any hesitation from a moving company for your questions, you can choose another one.

International moving consultation

International moving companies are also potential resources for getting information in regard to your move. Most of them will provide necessary information to make sure that you follow the right steps to meet the customs requirements in your destination country.

Some companies can help with several aspects of relocation. The information of driving license, immunization, health insurance, passport and visa assistance and several essential items can be offered by major moving companies.


Business liability requires some insurance services to run as an overseas moving company. Modern services are required to protect your household goods while they’re in their possession.

All reputable international moving companies should offer you several more options instead of basic insurance. Depending on your assets, their value and how important they are to you, you can pick a moving insurance plan to make sure everything goes well.

5 tips to save time and money while moving to overseas

It can be said that moving is a new chapter in your life that opens a new world. Do you know how to save more money during your move?

Here are 5 tips to save your time and money while moving:

1. Declutter before the move

You should take time to declutter every corner in your room before moving. You can create piles of items you want to keep or donate.

You can even earn some money by selling some used items that you don’t need to take with you.

By that way, you can spend less money on packing items and less time packaging ones you don’t need.

2. Make a moving budget

Financially, budgeting is key to a successful move. While most people hire moving companies, the estimated cost for a local move can be between $600 from $1,650, and an out-of-state move is about $2,200 to $5,700.

Instead of hiring a moving company, try a self-move to save your funds if possible.

3. Get creative with your packing materials

Boxes, packing tape and packing paper can be added in your moving budget? For example, the supplies can reach up to $300-400 for a three-bedroom house. Packing paper can be $9 per roll, and can be $35.2 for heavy items.

Instead, you can use towels, casual clothing, and linens to wrap fragile items. Also, you can use newspaper or shopping bags to replace packing paper.

Regardless of what materials for packing your items, keep in mind that everything is wrapped as carefully as possible for each item.

4. Pack any items you can in advance

You can save more time by packing any items you won’t need during the move. It includes kitchenware, electronics or extra clothing.

By packing them ahead of time, you can focus your energy on bigger items like appliances or furniture on your moving day.

When you have a lot of budget-friendly and time-saving methods, you’ll spend more time enjoying your new home and get out of moving stress.

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