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Ready for a holiday? – Let’s travel to Australia to discover new adventures


Jan 09, 2023

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Australia is always ranked in the top worth visiting countries in the world. The nation is diverse in its landscapes, culture, population and weather. The majority of cities in Australia are cosmopolitan areas in the coastal line of the continent. Visiting the beautiful country will amaze you and leave you with unforgettable experiences. But to enter Australia, you are required to obtain an eligible visa and other valid documents. Continue reading our article to help you plan your trip and be ready for visa application if you want to travel to Australia.

Ready for a holiday? - Let’s travel to Australia to discover new

Ready for a holiday? – Let’s travel to Australia to discover new adventures

Places to go

1. Sydney

Sydney is home to must-see landmarks like the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, but this Harbour City is always changing. Everywhere you look, there are brand-new rooftop bars, theatre performances, and designer shops. You can escape the urban atmosphere by visiting and laying down on the golden sand beaches.

The largest city in Australia is a coastal metropolis that embraces its harbour like a loving dad and excels in “quality lifestyle” compared to most other cities. Its desirable environment, laid-back atmosphere, and coastal culture coexist peacefully with top-notch restaurants, a vibrant arts scene, and shopping attractions.

Top things to do in Sydney:

  • Spend day at Sydney Opera House
  • Discover your favourite Sydney beach.
  • Climb to the Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunrise.
  • Explore the charm of the Blue Mountains.
  • Visit sacred sites concealed in well-known major attractions, taste bush tucker collected from alongside city streets, and hear the ancient Aboriginal creation legends that helped form Sydney.
  • Visit the museums and galleries.
  • Take the ferry from Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo Sydney to see for yourself and get to know the more than 4,000 resident native and exotic animals.
  • Ride the ferry to Manly.
  • Explore Barangaroo.
  • Overnight camp on Cockatoo island.

Top things to do in Sydney - Travel to Australia

Top things to do in Sydney – Travel to Australia

2. Melbourne

Melbourne is the hub of all things trendy and tasty in Australia. The city provides a wide range of options to explore art, exhilarating sport, and exquisite eating. Melbourne awaits you with a beautiful fusion of modern trends and rich cultural history. As twilight falls, the city comes alive with a thriving food scene, events, and exhibitions. Discover Melbourne’s vibrant main streets, fashionable neighbourhoods, and upscale dining scene to get a feel for the city.

Whether you’re seeing Melbourne for the first time or have walked countless miles on its stone lanes in your sneakers, there’s always something new to discover. Melbourne, often known as the fashion capital of Australia, is a must-visit city because of its vibrant arts community, exciting nightlife, and ability to host major sporting events.

Top things to do in Melbourne:

  • Get lost in a world of vibrant street art, outdoor cafes, cozy wine bars, and quirky shops through Melbourne’s laneways.
  • Visit Australia’s oldest gallery and catch a musical at one of the many theatres.
  • Shop at emerging local designers and international brands to boutique-lined shopping strips and vintage markets.
  • Hear the stories of the local Aboriginal community, the Kulin nation, and learn about their history and culture through guided tours and taste native ingredients.
  • Visit an open range zoo and visit museum exhibitions made for young minds.
  • Turn into the live music scenes.
  • Discover world-class wines, charming seaside communities, natural hot springs, unique wildlife, and more.
  • Visit Federation Square to explore galleries, pop-up shops, bars, events, cultural displays, and a wide variety of food and retail options.
  • Be a fan of high-speed car races and high-energy footy games or the Australian Open tennis and the glamorous Melbourne Cup.
  • Escape the city to Port Philip Bay.

Top things to do in Melbourne - Travel to Australia

Top things to do in Melbourne – Travel to Australia

3. Brisbane

Brisbane is a city that embraces the outdoors and lives up to its sunny reputation. Think picnics by the river, al fresco eating, islands off the coast, and national parks. Queensland’s sunny capital offers up laidback charm and urban energy with a dash of adventure. You can’t say no to a destination when you combine it with a vibrant cultural district, an abundance of wildlife, and easy access to nearby landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef and the Gold Coast.

The Brisbane Central Business District (CBD) has a wide selection of accommodation options, from luxurious hotels to pet-friendly apartments and motels, whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure, a week or a weekend.

Top things to do in Brisbane:

  • Discover more about Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures by looking into the top Indigenous experiences in Brisbane.
  • Book with GoBoat for the ultimate afternoon on the water.
  • Take in the best of Brisbane’s museums and art galleries.
  • Find the best places to eat, drink and indulge at Howard Smith Wharves.
  • Climb to the very top of Story Bridge.
  • Visit the islands around Brisbane to explore isolated diving spots, hand-feed wild dolphins, and find a shipwreck underwater.
  • Shop at markets and designer boutiques.
  • Book in a koala cuddle and check out the other animal encounters on offer at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.
  • Hire a kayak or join a guided tour to paddle past the sparkling skyline, sunken ships and steep cliffs.
  • Treat your tastebuds at Eat Street Markets.
  • Swim at the Streets Beach.

Top things to do in Brisbane - Travel to Australia

Top things to do in Brisbane – Travel to Australia

4. Perth

Perth, Australia’s metropolitan oasis, is hidden away within Western Australia’s immense wilderness, which is why the residents adore it. You may relax on the peaceful white-sand beaches as well as immerse yourself in the vibrant art galleries, historic neighbourhoods, and exciting events in this location. There are lovely local wineries and unique animals not far from Perth.

Perth, where soft-sand beaches and beautiful parks converge with a bustling metropolis of small pubs, unique restaurants, and carefully managed street art, embrace the best of both worlds.

Top things to do in Perth:

  • Swim at Perth’s beaches.
  • Snap a quokka selfie on Rottnest Island.
  • Enjoy the privilege of learning about the history of the land and its link to Perth’s Traditional Custodians through fascinating urban tours and traditional ceremonies.
  • Be immersed in Comedy shows, live music, art galleries, museums and cultural centres.
  • Give in to the temptation of an indulgent day trip exploring the wineries, breweries and gourmet produce that can be found in the Swan Valley.
  • Explore Perth’s urban villages.
  • Discover the park’s best activities and tours in Kings Park.
  • Wander Fremantle’s historic streets.
  • Take a trip on the humpback highway.
  • Book a memorable swim with dolphin experience with Rockingham Wild Encounters.

Top things to do in Perth - Travel to Australia

Top things to do in Perth – Travel to Australia

5. Adelaide

Adelaide is the next place you need to visit because of its vibrant cultural events, bustling restaurant and small bar scene, and premium wine. Adelaide, a vibrant city, is filled to the brim with exciting events, mouthwatering restaurants, and relaxing beaches. Furthermore, Adelaide is situated at the base of three magnificent wine areas that yield both well-known and lesser-known wines. So when you go, be sure to give yourself enough time to enjoy the city and its breathtaking surroundings.

Historic structures, beautiful parklands, and magnificent botanic gardens can all be found in Adelaide and are waiting to be discovered. The best art galleries and museums in South Australia are located in Adelaide, which has a vibrant arts scene and is a fantastic place to visit for a weekend getaway.

Top things to do in Adelaide:

  • Take in a view with RoofClimb.
  • Explore the laneways of the Adelaide Central Market to find fruit, vegetables, cheese, seafood, international dishes and unique ingredients.
  • Discover the best spots for mouthwatering wines, leisurely long lunches, and bucket list cellar door experiences.
  • Go shopping at the best Adelaide precincts.
  • Hit the beach and surf.
  • Seek out a hidden gem.
  • Embark on a gentle glide along the River Torrens as your guide explains the history and significance of the river and its surroundings while kayaking.
  • Discover the world’s largest display of Aboriginal artifacts, a futuristic exhibit and a collection of more than 38,000 artworks.
  • Music festivals, culinary showcases, sporting events and more.
  • Meet the animals at Adelaide zoo.
  • Check out what’s on at the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Top things to do in Adelaide - Travel to Australia

Top things to do in Adelaide – Travel to Australia

What documents are needed to travel to Australia

Do I need a visa to travel to Australia?

You must have a current Australian visa and a valid passport in order to enter the nation unless you are an Australian citizen. Passport holders from New Zealand can apply for a visa when they arrive. All other passport holders are required to obtain a visa before traveling, regardless of age. At the closest Australian Embassy or Consulate, you can apply for a variety of Australian visas, such as tourist visas and working holiday visas.

Find the appropriate visa

Depending on your intended purpose of travel and desired stay, there are various visas. There are restrictions on what you can do in Australia for each visa. It is not a given that you can work, study, or engage in other activities just because you have a visa to enter Australia. Make sure you are eligible to apply for the visa you want and that it corresponds to what you want to do in Australia.

Meet health requirements

For a visa to enter Australia, you must meet some health requirements. Both holders of temporary and permanent visas must comply with this. You must not have a sickness or condition that:

  • Endangers the community or the public’s health.
  • May require health care and community services that would restrict access for Australian citizens and permanent residents to those services because they are already in short supply.
  • May result in significant expenses to Australian society.

Meet character requirements

You won’t be given a visa to enter Australia if there’s a risk you’ll:

  • Engage in criminal conduct
  • Harass, molest, intimidate or stalk another person
  • Vilify a segment of the Australian community
  • Incite discord in the Australian community
  • Be a danger to the Australian community

Enter Australia with a criminal record

The Australian Department of Home Affairs will look into any criminal record as part of your application for a temporary or permanent visa. A police clearance from your nation and any additional nations where you reside may be required to be given to the Department.

Other document requirements will vary depending on your traveling purpose. Find the appropriate paper preparations if you wish to visit, study or work.

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