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Reliable guide to send money from Denmark to USA


Jan 30, 2023

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When you send money from Denmark to the USA, various options of international money transfer are available for you nowadays.

Now it’s easy to send money with DNBC Financial Group’s guide. Let’s discover how to send money from Denmark to USA and more.

Understand US and Denmark economy before you send money from Denmark

Although Denmark is a part of the EU, it uses another currency. Many people think that the Danish currency is the Euro, but it’s not the case. Danish Krone (DKK) is officially used in Denmark.

Every year, millions of international transfers to the US are made, including from Denmark. With a population of around 331 million people and the highest GDP in the world, there is no doubt that the United States is a superpower.

Reliable guide to send money from Denmark to USA

Reliable guide to send money from Denmark to USA

The US and Denmark have tied a close mutual relationship for ages. The US becomes Denmark’s biggest non-European trading partner. It’s the biggest overall export area.

In 2021, the trade of total two-way goods between the U.S and Denmark reached over 15.7 billion dollars. The services trade in 2020 reached 13.5 billion dollars.

Denmark is mainly dependent on foreign trade and strongly supports the liberal trade policy. Danish investment in the US is fast-growing, especially in wind energy and pharmaceuticals.

In addition, many people around the world earn money in the US. They want to seek a high standard of living for their families in other countries, including in Denmark.

Similarly, a lot of Americans living in Denmark are working, studying and continually sending money to their family and relatives in the US.

As there is a great demand for transfers from Denmark to the United States, different solutions are offered to you. In general, it has never been difficult to send money to the US from Denmark.

How to send money from Denmark to USA safely and securely?

When you’re planning on sending money from Denmark to US, there are various options you can pick from. It’s not banks only. There are several international money transfer providers to select.

Send money from Denmark to the USA via a bank

Basically, bank services are quite costly when you transfer money abroad . Many kinds of fees can be added, so you need to carefully check before making international transactions.

The exchange rate seems higher compared to online money transfer providers. The bank will have control over the fees and charges collected from your completed transaction.

It’s good to send a large amount of money via banks because you’re charged once for your sending funds. It’s also secure and convenient when you transfer money from the USA to Denmark.

However, you can open a bank account to make everything more convenient because you can track the exchange rates and fees. Then you just reach the bank to transfer any funds.

Send money from Denmark to the USA via online money transfer providers

Money online remittance providers are widely used by most people. Some of them have been in the business for decades, which makes them one of the most reliable providers in the business.

There are several advantages of online money transfer providers: low fees, high exchange rate, and fast transfer.

Additionally, they can offer you some promotions where you can transfer a maximum amount for a minimum fee.

Nowadays, most transactions are done using online payment apps. This makes it easier to transfer money with just a few touches.

As the money transfer is done at home, the money transfer providers will get every feedback and inform you. This makes it helpful to know whether your funds were delivered or not.

Be smart in picking a provider to deal with as once you know which company to trust, you will be sure to be easy in each transaction.

Here is a list of online money transfer providers: DNBC Financial Group, WorldRemit, XE, Western Union, Remitly, CurrencyFair, TransferWise, TransferGo, OFX…

At DNBC Financial Group, you can make a transaction limit of up to 500 000 EUR per day for a business account. They apply SWIFT and SEPA transfers to 173 countries, providing the clients with transfer alternatives at the lowest possible rate and shortening your waiting time.

The beneficiary can get the remitted money in one-three days. Especially in some cases, the beneficiary can receive their money in minutes. It’s vital when there is an emergency, and you have to get the money across to the US from Denmark without waiting so long.

Besides, you can consider other alternative providers to meet your demand for transferring money like WorldRemit, Western Union, Remitly, CurrencyFair, TransferWise or TransferGo.

More information of DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group strives to boost the best business account for international payments from Denmark to the USA.

We offer full online payment solutions, money transactions in over 173 countries with multiple currencies, being transparent and fast delivery speed. DNBC Financial group is always willing to support you 24/7.

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