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The best way to transfer money from Canada to UK


Jan 10, 2023

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The need to settle in the UK is still prevalent today. The transfer of money to the UK is something that many people are interested in. So how can you transfer money to the UK? What is the best way to transfer money from Canada to UK? Let’s find out together in this article.

The cheapest way to transfer money from Canada to Australia

The best way to transfer money from Canada to UK

What do you know about the UK?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, abbreviated as UK) is a country located in northwestern Europe. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of four main parts: Great Britain (referred to as England or England), Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

In addition, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland includes several other islands and archipelagos in many parts of the world. The UK shares a border with Ireland. With an area of ​​243,610km2, the land area is 241,930km2, and the sea area is 1,680km2.

In addition to the primary language being English, there are other dialects such as Scottish Welsh, Irish, Cornish.

Do you know how to transfer money from Canada to UK?

Nowadays, to transfer money from Canada to UK is no longer so difficult. To transfer money from Canada to the UK, you have two options through your bank and a currency broker.

Use a bank

Choosing a bank is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But the banks you choose can be cost-effective and easy for you. Transferring money through banks usually has a high cost. Sometimes the procedure could be more straightforward, making it impossible for the sender to spend time on this.

However, this is a reasonably safe way for first-timers. All your information and money are guaranteed. So there are better ways for many people to transfer money from Canada to UK.

Money transfer service

Many people trust this international money transfer method because of its ease, convenience, and reasonable cost. Depositors only need some basic information to register an account and provide recipient information to be able to transfer money.

These money transfer services are licensed, so you can rest assured that your personal information will be confidential. In addition, the cost per transaction made through the service is very suitable, if you use the monthly package, it is much cheaper.

Use a currency broker

This way of money transfer service often saves you a lot of time and money. Surely anyone who transfers money internationally knows the exchange rate, which also makes this method an advantage. Finance companies often have much better exchange rates than banks. It’s not just about the exchange rate. These money transfer services also have experts in the financial sector. They have a highly qualified team that can assist you from start to finish.

Things to keep in mind when transfer money from Canada to UK

Before sending money to the UK you need to note the following issues:

Amount to transfer

The more money you send to the United Kingdom, the more value you will get and the more GBP, the recipient, will receive. This is because any flat fee ends up as a smaller percentage of your transfer amount and because many providers allow you to negotiate a better exchange rate margin if you send large amounts.

CAD-GBP exchange rate

Money transfer providers charge a small percentage on top of the mid-market exchange rates to generate revenue. The current mid-market rate is 0.644448, and XE offers the lowest exchange rate margin at 0.9% above the mid-market rate.

Hidden fees

Make sure your suppliers do not have hidden fees when making transactions. You need to research the suppliers carefully and should choose reputable ones. You can refer to it like DNBC, XE, Wise and WorldRemit.

How much money can be transferred from Canada to UK?

The amount of money you can transfer from Canada depends on your chosen money transfer service. Depending on the provider, there will be a minimum and maximum amount of money.

In addition, you should further check government regulations on the amount of money that can be received in the UK or sent from Canada before making a transfer.


Hopefully, through this article you can learn the basic information about transfer money from Canada to UK, as well as a bit about the UK and the time it takes to make the transaction. I hope you find the best way to transfer money for you.

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