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The best ways to transfer money from France


Jan 16, 2023

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Learn how to send money from France to India from the best online platforms. There are many factors to take into account when determining the best ways to send money from France to India.

There is a wide range of choices you can choose when transferring money internationally from France. In addition to the four largest banks in this country, there are other services considered trustworthy and safe for transferring money. In this article, DNBC Financial Group’s experts will help you have more useful information to make a good decision when sending money from France.

The best ways to transfer money from France

The best ways to transfer money from France

Online international money transfers

There are various benefits to using online money transfer services. You can typically send money instantly if both you and your receiver have accounts with the same provider.

There are a huge number of online payment options. Fees are different amongst providers. At DNBC Financial Group, customers can make payments online to 170 nations and territories around the world with lower transaction fees and the same advantages. Depending on the type of transfer service, the average transaction speed could be 1 – 5 working days or immediately. You could learn more information about our service here

Transfer money from France by traditional banks

Although bank transfers are simple choices to choose from, they are not typically the most cost-efficient or time-saving method. The good news is that bank-to-bank transfers are well renowned for being highly safe.

However, because banks provide a wide range of financial services, they are unable to provide the same level of assistance and concentration as other money transfer services. Some retail banks are renowned for charging higher fees, hidden fees, and confusing exchange rates. Moreover, it often takes a few days when you use traditional banks to transfer money internationally. With DNBC’s international transfer services, we ensure that customers are always aware of the exchange rates and fees related to transferring services before making a transaction. For more information about our feature, please follow this link.

Transfer money outside the EU

Remember that transferring money from France to nations outside the European Union is more expensive because banks in France impose their fees in this regard. Therefore, check the charge rates carefully before choosing the providers. It typically takes 3 – 5 business days for transferring money outside the EU/European Economic Area.

One of the countries that a lot of French transfer money to is India. Therefore one of the biggest concern is how to transfer money to India from French. Let’s check it out below:

Best ways to transfer money from France to India

Transferring money from France to India with a debit card

Before using a debit card to send money from France to India, you should search thoroughly to find an online money transfer provider with good service and fee transparency.

Transfer money from France to India by a credit card

You also can use your credit card to send money online to India. However, before making transactions, you should know all the costs the providers will charge in order to avoid higher fees.

Using wire transfers to transfer money from France to India

Wire transfer is a typical method to transfer money from France to India because of its security and convenience. Nonetheless, if transaction speed is a significant factor for you, wire transfer is not a good choice because the delivery times are frequently slower than cash payments.

International transaction speed will depend on considerable factors like transfer amount, regulatory procedures, and differences amongst service providers. Therefore, if you are in a rush to transfer money from France to India, please check carefully with your providers how long the payment will take. In term of speed, DNBC can be an ideal option. The company is working hard to cut down on the remittance time within 1-2 days.

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