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The Guide on Health Insurance For Traveling Abroad in 2023


Jan 31, 2023

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To have a complete and fun journey, you must own health insurance when traveling abroad. Why is that, and what is the health insurance for traveling abroad? Let’s answer the questions in this article.

The Guide on Health Insurance For Traveling Abroad in 2023 - DNBC Financial Group

The Guide on Health Insurance For Traveling Abroad in 2023 – DNBC Financial Group

The need to travel abroad and the problems often encountered

In addition to needs such as eating, spiritual needs are increasing. One of those needs is travel. Not only stopping domestic tourism, but the demand for traveling abroad is also huge.

The landscapes and unique cultural beauty of your country always make us curious. Convenient transportation between countries is also a factor for this need to develop further.

However, when traveling abroad, you also have to face dangers such as theft, illness, and unexpected injury abroad,… This is also the reason that you should have health insurance for traveling abroad. Other medical-related problems can also occur at any time you cannot anticipate. These are common problems faced by many tourists traveling abroad.

Benefits of travel health insurance 

When encountering medical and health problems, no matter how serious or light, they all cause losses for you. First of all, it affects your personal health, and then it affects the trip and everyone’s mood. Sometimes major medical problems take a toll on you too.

Health insurance for traveling abroad will help you minimize the damage caused by medical problems abroad and help protect the health of tourists, thereby ensuring your trip goes smoothly and goes well.

Good foreign travel medical insurance must ensure the following requirements:

  • Insurance must cover all medical problems arising abroad
  • Customer care service
  • Capable of emergency rescue
  • There are services clearly certifying the interests of customers

How much does travel insurance cost?

Many different rates depend on the level of insurance you get and the cost of your trip. Usually, it would help if you bought insurance that costs 4 – 10% of the total cost of the trip. For example, if you spend $10,000 traveling to Europe, your insurance could be $400 – $1000. However, you can also buy insurance plans with a lower value. But make sure you read it carefully and understand its terms.

Tips for buying travel insurance

Consider your financial capabilities and make a specific plan

Today’s travel insurance packages will have different rates, benefits, covered and uninsured terms, and risk reimbursement levels. Therefore, you should compare and select the service providers suitable for your pocket.

Buying an insurance package that is too large for your needs is considered a waste because you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits it brings, and it only creates more pressure on your finances. List the risks you are most worried about to find a travel insurance package with all the elements you are looking for.

What you get when you buy travel insurance

Travel insurance can vary, but the policies offered to users often fall into three criteria: financial cost protection, health protection, and personal belongings protection.

When buying, you can pay attention to the following benefits: trip cancellation insurance, trip delay insurance, medical expenses, and lost luggage.

Compare travel insurance plans

There are quite a few travel agencies selling insurance on the market. So let’s find out some factors to evaluate a good travel agency.

  • Long-standing, experienced brand
  • The purchase cost is similar to the benefits and compensation terms
  • Scope of application (preferably international programs)
  • Should have basic reimbursement benefits such as cancellation of tickets, theft of documents, emergency medical services
  • There is a hotline to contact 24/7
  • Includes risks when participating in adventure games
  • The process is simple, and the compensation procedure is quick and transparent.

Choose a reputable experienced company

When you choose to go with a reputable airline, a large scale will bring a greater sense of security to this form of investment. Currently, hundreds of insurance companies in the market are operating and providing diverse services. That means you will easily find a suitable supplier. To better understand the service and information of the companies, you can refer to the evaluation information and comment on the insurance program through the website, press, and social network,…

Read the insurance policy carefully.

Travel insurance is commercial insurance that is exchanged and signed between the buyer and the seller. Therefore, when you buy an insurance plan, a contract stipulates the obligations and terms needed between the two parties. To buy the best travel insurance for traveling abroad you need to read contracts carefully before signing. It would help if you did not ignore when the terms are unclear or do not have a complete list of cases required. An insurance contract is a way to help participants ensure that they have the benefits they need, so please read and understand each content carefully.

Health insurance is really necessary. It not only helps you to reduce the risk of costly damage but also helps you feel more secure on every trip. So if you are planning to travel abroad, remember to sign up for this insurance!

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