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Top cheapest places to study abroad in 2023


Jan 30, 2023

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Every student wants to study abroad in a beautiful country with a qualified university, but budget and finances are also primary considerations. With a limited student budget, these are the absolute best places to study abroad in 2023 if you want to save money and live comfortably. These are the cheapest places to study abroad options for students. You can discover and apply to any of the universities in these areas.

Top cheapest places to study abroad in 2023

Top cheapest places to study abroad in 2023

Which country is the cheapest to study abroad in?


Poland, located in Eastern Europe, is easily one of the most affordable countries in Europe to live and study. Without rent, the cost of living in Poland is only $400-600 USD per month. The country has a long history as a crossroads between east and west, and it has played a significant role in European history. 

Polish university education adheres to global standards, and as a result, Polish degrees are recognized worldwide. Tuition at Polish universities ranges between 1000 and 4000 Euros per year.


Portugal is an ideal place to live for a variety of reasons, including beautiful cities, a welcoming culture, stunning and warm weather on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, and easy access to travel throughout Europe. However, it also has a very low cost of living and tuition for students. 

The average monthly cost of living in Portugal is 600-800 Euros. Tuition costs for Bachelor’s degrees range from 550 to 1.050 Euros per year, and Master’s degrees can cost up to 3000 Euros per year.


Norway is regarded as an affordable destination for obtaining an internationally recognized education among all Nordic countries. Norway welcomes people from all over the world, whether they are from countries within or outside the European Union. Every public university in Norway awaits you with open arms. One of the clever features of Norway’s education system is that the medium of instruction is English, making it easier for students who are fluent in English to apply and be accepted.


There are numerous worthwhile educational opportunities in France that can help you turn your dreams into unbelievable realities. It is also a worthwhile destination to visit. France, with its beautiful lakes and traditional sights, accommodates both domestic and international students at the same living and educational costs. The cost will vary depending on the program in which you wish to enroll. Despite its high living and educational costs, it has recently been ranked as the world’s top student city. You are eligible to apply for its bundle of English-taught programs because all of the courses are not specified in the French language.


Taiwan, an Asian country, is well-known for being the most affordable place to study. There are numerous top-tier universities that offer a wide range of courses. The majority of courses are taught in English, but this country is also known for Mandarin instruction. Furthermore, your time in Taiwan will teach you about the people and their determination to pursue their dreams. You should be aware that the fee structure varies from graduation to post-graduation programs and ranges from US $3.300 to $4.050.

How to prepare to study abroad

Make sure that your paperwork is in order

Get your passport as soon as possible, and apply for your visa(s) as soon as possible (if you’re wondering “Visa? Please open a new tab and immediately look up the visa requirements for your chosen country)”. Check the expiration date of your passport several times. Check that it will last you far beyond your semester abroad.

Keep up to date with the currency exchange

Don’t assume that the currency exchange will have the same value when you study abroad as it did five months ago, especially if your country’s economy is particularly volatile. When you’re budgeting for months rather than days, even minor changes can have a big impact.

If you’re looking for a service offering the best exchange rate when you receive money from your parents in your home country, DNBC Financial Group’s international payment service is a suitable option. DNBC Financial Group enables SWIFT and SEPA transfers to over 170 countries and territories worldwide, allowing our customers to select from a variety of transfer options at the lowest possible rate and with the shortest amount of wait time.

Keep an eye on the news for any updates on your destination

You’ll want to know if the economy of your study-abroad country is tanking, if the metro system is crumbling, if there are major political upheavals, if there is a health crisis, and so on. Simply incorporate new information into your current study abroad plans. In the worst-case scenario, the country closes its borders, and your study abroad program is halted. In such cases, student travel insurance will protect you.

Get all of your required health checks and vaccinations

Your doctor may advise you to visit a travel clinic, where you’ll learn exactly what you’ll need to stay healthy while traveling. Let your health insurance company know where and when you’ll be traveling, and request your prescriptions ahead of time.

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