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Unveil optimal methods to send money to Poland from the US


Jan 18, 2023

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DNBC’s experts will unveil to you which money transfer services are suitable. Also, we will offer you several delivery choices to send money to Poland from the USA easily and securely.

If you spend so much time searching everywhere for an optimal way to send money to Poland, this article will be your final destination.

Are your purposes for money transfers: family support, mortgage repayment, investment in housing, savings or pension payments? Don’t worry!

Unveil optimal methods to send money to Poland for you.

Unveil optimal methods to send money to Poland for you.

P/s: PLN (Polish Zloty) is the official currency in Poland and the most traded currency in Central and Eastern Europe.

Is it optimal to send money from the USA to Poland via your bank?

It is not highly appreciated by using your local bank in the USA to transfer money from the US to Poland .

This can be explained that most banks tend to offer high exchange rates and fees. All of these combinations will make your transaction more expensive.

Also, It can take more than 5 days to receive money. It’s inconvenient to send money for emergencies.

On the contrary, the bank offers a strong institutional framework and reliability.

Having said that, sometimes you need to pick your bank for cross border transfers. For example, if you plan to send a huge sum of money from the USA to Poland (for property purchase or business transactions), you can resort to your bank.

If this takes place, you need to pay a thorough attention to every single detail of the remittance transaction offered to you by the banks.

Some banks in Poland such as ING Bank, Millennium Bank, and PKO Bank process lots of remittances into Poland.

In general, an online money transfer service is the best alternative. You will be beneficial if you take advantage of online foreign exchange services to send money online to Poland.

You can choose DNBC Financial Group, Xendpay, CurrencyFair, TransferWise, OFX, WorldFirst, and Xoom as online money transfer services.

Thus, it saves you more money by offering better rates and charging lower fees of foreign exchange transactions.

How to send money from the US to Poland in the fastest ways?

It seems very stressful if there is an immediate demand for you to send money quickly from the USA to Poland. Which option do you choose to make sure that your money is delivered to the destination in the fastest manner?

Try to consider 2 main factors to find out the best solution for you:

First, make sure that you choose the right payment methods to convert USD into PLN. Most remittance services accept your transactions with credit or debit cards, by cash or via a direct bank transfer, a wire transfer…

Second, on the beneficiary side, they also have several choices to get their money in PLN. The payout options can consist of CPU (cash pickup), direct bank transfers, mobile wallets or mobile airtime top up…

If you focus on speed of delivery, you could use cash pickup if your beneficiary can reach a pickup location or nearby.

Some typical CPU providers are: Western Union (8,300 locations), MoneyGram (6,000 locations) and Xoom (4,544 locations).

Be careful with the exchange rate on your cash transactions, it can not be optimal. There is a high risk of handling cash, particularly for huge amounts of funds.

Otherwise, a bank deposit or mobile top up can be the next fastest possible options unless there are ongoing bank holidays.

To send money from the USA to Poland easily, some online money transfer services in USA have integrated their own apps available on App Store and/or Google Play.

Via apps like DNBCNet, you can easily send money with app, track transfers, add beneficiaries, check exchange rates… This is another choice to transfer money to Poland.

Which is the best way to send money to Poland from the USA?

The meaning of the word “best” depends on everyone’s feeling. This definition of “best” can result from a combination of factors involved.

There are some main points for your considerations. They include: transfer speed, exchange rate, transaction fees, transfer amount limits, methods of payment and delivery or promotions. Also, transaction speeds, security and privacy are other concerns, too.

If you put your concern on one of these points, you will satisfy your preference.

By doing that, you can pick a suitable provider for your demands of PLN money transfers to Poland. Remember that each service provider will suit different transfer situations.

In addition, you should take ongoing promotions into consideration. Discounts and offers will reduce your fees of making transactions and help your beneficiary in Poland receive more money for each United States dollar from you.

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