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Update how to send money to Finland from USA in 2022


Jan 28, 2023

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Are you looking for optimal ways to send money to Finland from USA? DNBC Financial Group is here to give you the best answer.

Good news for you is that it’s easy to send money to Finland, even from the United States. Let’s update how to send money to Finland from USA in 2022.

Update how to send money to Finland from USA in 2022

Update how to send money to Finland from USA in 2022

Brief overview of send money to Finland

Finland has belonged to the European Union since 1995 and became among the founding members in the common currency EuroZone.

Between 1860 and 2002, the Markka was the currency in Finland, and then was replaced by Euro currency in 2002. As you know, EUR is the second most widely traded currency in the world, ranked after the US dollar.

The international trades account for a third of GDP in Finland. One of the largest trading partners is the United States, so the demands for money international transfers are inevitable.

Or you’re planning to buy real property, mortgage payments, pension transfers, move to Finland, run your business with importing or exporting from/to Finland, pay education fees…Certainly, you need to make international transactions to Finland.

Luckily, Finland doesn’t put a limit on outgoing or incoming international money transfers, only transactions over €15,000 are requested to be reported.

In general, it’s easy for you to send money from USA to Finland.

Here are some optimal ways to send to Finland, which is well-known as the happiest country in the world.

Is it good to use a bank to transfer money to Finland?

Most banks in the USA will charge high fees for all for the privileges of a slower transfer. Banks also offer you a USD to EUR exchange rate that seems rather low.

Sometimes, a typical bank can charge up to 5% of the overall transfer value to complete your transactions.

However, banks are one of the safest methods of sending wire transfers. For larger amounts of transfer, you can choose banks as a preferable way to send money from the USA to Finland.

Furthermore, most Finnish banks have mutual relationships with U.S. banks, so it’s reliable for you to make international transfers.

You worked hard to earn money, so you should carefully consider choosing the banks to the best values.

Best providers/services to send money to Finland from the USA

There are several key factors to define “best provider/service”. They can be exchange rate provided, transfer amount limits, transfer speed, costs & fees, plentiful payment and delivery methods, offers and promotions given …

Based on the above-mentioned standards, narrow down your lists of choices. You will identify which providers meet your needs.

You should focus on ongoing promotions. Offers and discounts will reduce your cost in money transfer overseas and facilitate your beneficiary in Finland to receive more money for each US Dollar from you.

Here are some of the best providers in transferring money to Finland from the USA:

If you’re seeking a suitable combination of speed, reliability and cost, it’s recommended to use DNBC Financial Group when sending USD to EUR.

The core benefits will be offered to you from DNBC:

Affordable: DNBC Financial Group maintains the fees at a low rate in the marketplace.

Speedy: No matter which side in the transaction, delivery speed is helpful to both parties. If the sender and the receiver have to wait for so long, it can make it difficult to go ahead.

Knowledgeable: If there is a problem with your accounts or others, you can prefer a friendly voice on the other end of the exchange from DNBC’s staff, they’re willing to answer you to the best

Alternatively, you can use Revolut, XE, Wise and CurrencyFair which are good options when sending USD – EUR.

What considerations to send money from the USA to Finland fast?

If you are in a hurry to send money from the USA to Finland, here are some considerations for you.

First, you need to select the suitable payment method to convert USD into EUR. Most remittance providers allow you to pay in cash, a direct bank transfer or even a wire transfer.

Second, the beneficiaries should have many options to collect their money in Euro currency. The payout choices can consist of: cash pickup, direct bank transfer, mobile wallet or mobile airtime top up.

In case the delivery speed matters to you, you can choose cash pickup if the beneficiary can reach a pickup branch nearby. In addition, a mobile airtime top up or a bank deposit can be the second fastest possible solutions if banks are off.

About DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group aspires to be the top business account provider for international payment.

We supply a range of online payment experience, allowing you to make transactions around the clock in more than 170 countries and in several currencies. In which, you can easily send money from the USA to Finland with our service.

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