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Which standards to choose the best international payment apps?


Jan 10, 2023

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We can’t deny that international payment apps help to manage and transfer, track money easier anywhere and anytime.

Choosing the best international payment apps to suit your needs will be tough because there are different international payment apps nowadays.

If you are new to an international online payment app or change to a new one, it’s worth reading this article to identify what app is best for you, based on 5 standards.

Which standards to choose the best international payment apps?

Which standards to choose the best international payment apps?

5 standards to choose the best international payment apps

In general, online financial applications should consist of transferring online , tracking transfers, checking balances, paying the bills, savings, budgets, investments….

Picking the suitable financial apps mainly depends on a combination of the features, the demands and positive experience.

When choosing financial apps, here are some factors you need to consider.

1. Identity your specific needs

The suitable financial app allows you to focus on your specific goals. It basically comes down to which sort of apps you’re seeking for.

Do you want an extensive app, or one app that just focuses on your budgets, bills, spending or investments?

To make sure the finance apps work well with your needs, consider 3 questions:

Do you need a free or premium service?

What are the apps’ features?

How much is required to use the app?

Once you’ve answered those, search different apps and pick one that best suits your demands that’s worth paying for!

For example, if you’re trying to make international transactions or track your online transfer, the right app is one that will have money tracking and transferring.

A direct approach is via using an app such as DNBCNet App. Also, you can easily manage your accounts with one-touch interface and transaction limit of a day up to EUR 200,000.

2. Enforce security and safety

With any fintech apps, security and safety should be put at the top of priority. An international payment app with a lax security system is not worth using.

The best international payment apps should offer high protection like two-factor or multi-factor authentication features to prove your identity, encrypted data that gives you codes to access your personal information. Also, it’s necessary to offer biometrics like Touch ID and Face ID.

A finance app should also get data encrypted and a strong password system to protect your personal information from any risks.

In addition to authentication features, carefully read the privacy and security statement to more cover security systems on the app. This can lie at the bottom of each web page of their website.

For example, when logging into any account online, you will be sent a message or email to the contact info to identify you’re attempting to access your account.

If any finance apps don’t satisfy any such features, then you should consider passing.

For DNBCnet App, they apply two-factor authentication to protect your financial accounts from any risks. They put security on top priority.

Also, DNBCnet App protects your user data and applies SSL/TLS encryption & cloud data.

They rely on cybersecurity with respect to user information and focus on improvement of technologies to help every payment surpass fraud in transaction and protect data.

3. Be friendly and obvious, convenient

A good app needs to be engaging and user-friendly, so that it gives you the best experience when using.

International online payment apps should show obvious information which is easy to understand immediately.

Some apps provide complex charts on stock performance with a wide variety of financial analyses. If you don’t understand them, the apps should be out.

It’s more convenient to use finance apps to send and receive money or view transaction histories anytime and anywhere. You don’t even need to open your desktop to check. This helps to reduce the friction in international business exchange.

4. Review app’s scores and feedbacks from other users

A fast way to assess the overall effectiveness and functionality of a finance app is through scores from other users and feedback on App Store or CHPlay flatform.

For example, the DNBCnet app is a free mobile transfer app that has an average of 4.7 stars on the App Store and several positive feedback from users. You can look for the ones with high ratings if they suit your needs

5. Consider speed of transfer in apps

In a world where people want to open an app on their phone and make transactions as fast as possible, even transfer overseas in a few minutes, international payment apps need to be satisfied with this.

Balance transfers need to be processed instantly to improve business processes and lead to better cash flow.

Therefore, seek for an app with instant balance transfers. Enjoying quick transfer times is not a luxurious thing nowadays, but it’s necessary to be competitive in the fast-changing business market.

The great apps provide multiple ways of sending money fast, so you can choose one matching the transfer time you want.

Information of DNBCnet App as best mobile financial apps

With the DNBCnet App, it will be easy to manage your accounts with a one-touch screen, and all features you need for your global transfer.

You will manage and execute payments from one app. DNBCnet App brings creativity with improving the experience of traditional payments. It delivers superior access to international transfer and direct payments.

In addition to offering advantages of excellent rates and exclusive packages to perform cross-border transactions, it will manage your payments all in one place and track your daily payments with ease.

It’s convenient to make online transactions, fast process and dedicated support. Join our digital platform to experience the advanced mobile payment platform designed to help you send and manage your payment.

DNBCnet App is considered the top 10 best international payment apps for small businesses.

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