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You must inform us if there are any modifications to your company's structure so that we can update your business account accordingly. This includes the following situations:

- If your corporation appoints a new chief executive officer (CEO) or alters its board of directors.

- If there's a change in your company's registered address.

- If there are updates regarding the beneficial owners or shareholders of the corporation.

For the security of your business account, it's vital to notify us immediately after such changes have been formally ratified. This allows us to gather the necessary documentation to adjust the representative details linked to the account. If the changes are unrelated to the CEO or board of directors, adjustments can be made directly in the account details. However, CEO transitions involve a more meticulous process:

When there's a change in CEO, your business must provide DNBC Financial Hong Kong with the details of the incoming executive. We will then initiate an identification procedure for the new CEO, which includes a brief interview. Following this identification phase, the required information will be stored in our system. Consequently, we can shift the authorization for the business account to the new CEO and restrict access for the predecessor. While this may seem like an extensive process, it primarily involves providing the necessary data and a short interview from the CEO's end. We handle the rest.

We recommend initiating this procedure before making the CEO transition official to preemptively address any potential issues.

Ensure you review your business account after each modification. Should you encounter any discrepancies or issues, please contact us promptly. This way, we can ensure seamless operations for your business.