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Last modified: Jun 26, 2023 08:45 (UTC+08:00)

DNBC’s Prevention of Financial Crime

DNBC Financial Group is committed to complying with the sanctions law and regulations of the United Nations.

DNBC Financial Group (DNBC) is committed to complying with the sanctions laws and regulations of the United Nations Security Council (“UN”), the United Kingdom (“UK”), the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HK”), the European Union (“EU”), Canada (“CA”), and the United States of America (“US”), as well as all applicable sanctions laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which we operate.

DNBC has a Compliance Policy and Economic Standards that define the minimum standards that DNBC and its subsidiaries must comply with to meet the above obligations. DNBC may, in its sole discretion:

  • Screening customers and transactions against the sanctions lists issued by the UN, the EU, the US (including the Office of Foreign Asset Control of the US (OFAC)), and all applicable local regulatory sanctions lists in the jurisdictions in which DNBC and its subsidiaries operate.
  • Prohibiting or restricting business activities, personal transactions, customer relationships, or facilitating transactions that we believe:
    • may violate the applicable sanctions laws, whether directly or indirectly.
    • involve individuals, entities, or vessels listed on an official sanctions list by the UN, EU, OFAC, or the local regulatory sanctions list whether directly or indirectly.
    • are residing in, or operating from a sanctioned country/location.
    • may potentially circumvent applicable sanctions laws or contradict the spirit of such sanctions laws.
  • Blocking or rejecting transactions where DNBC is obligated to do so under the applicable sanctions laws or regulations or where the transactions are not within our risk appetite.

Below is the list of unable-to-open accounts for citizens or businesses in the following countries and jurisdictions:

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) High-Risk Jurisdictions

From time to time it will be updated. Last updated: 26 June, 2023

  1. Albania
  2. Barbados
  3. Burkina Faso
  4. Cayman Islands
  5. Cameroon
  6. Croatia
  7. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  8. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  9. Gibraltar
  10. Haiti
  11. Iran
  12. Jamaica
  13. Jordan
  14. Mali
  15. Nigeria
  1. Mozambique
  2. Myanmar
  3. Moldova
  4. Panama
  5. Philippines
  6. Senegal
  7. South Sudan
  8. South Africa
  9. Syria
  10. Tanzania
  11. Türkiye
  12. Uganda
  13. United Arab Emirates
  14. Vietnam
  15. Yemen

In order for us to ensure our compliance with the above, customers may be required to provide DNBC with additional information as and when necessary.

We may also be required to take appropriate measures should the business relationships result in a risk to DNBC.