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How to send money from China to UK fast and cost-effectively?


Jan 12, 2023

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It may initially seem challenging to decide when to send money and which company to select for your China to UK transfers because of the constantly fluctuating remittance exchange rates. Currently, countless new companies and startups are emerging to send money abroad. The information in the article could reduce your costs when you send money from China to UK.

How to send money from China to UK fast and cost-effectively?

How to send money from China to UK fast and cost-effectively?

The United Kingdom is the world’s top net exporter of financial services, with major global banking institutions and fintech pioneers based in London’s financial center. As a result, it is unsurprising that the United Kingdom is flooded with money transfer providers offering attractive rates for remittances sent from China. China is one of the United Kingdom’s most important commercial partners, accounting for £93.0 billion (7.3%) of overall trade in 2021.

Fast and cost-effectively options to send money from China to UK

The most crucial figure is your recipient’s total sum when you send CNY to GBP. To make cross-border remittances as inexpensive as possible, you should attempt to reduce the impact of fees and other hidden costs (a terrible exchange rate is one of them).

Before the advent of the internet era, banks and small, local remittance players with locations in retail outlets and convenience stores were the typical ways to send money from China to the UK. These services have large costs and frequently offer poor exchange rates, leading to pricey money transfers in which a sizable portion of your hard-earned money is recovered.

Foreigners in China have a $500 withdrawal limit before being required to present particular paperwork. Proof of ownership and tax payment evidence is required for sums greater than $500. This implies that anyone wishing to transfer a substantial sum of money home will have to go through a lengthy process at the bank to ensure that they have all the necessary papers. To move money out of China by bank transfer, a relatively hefty bank fee must be paid on each transaction, and a currency conversion fee of between 2% and 4%.

Comparing a variety of foreign exchange operators and service providers is a great method to discover the most affordable ways to send money from China to UK. By personally browsing through and evaluating multiple businesses, you can quickly assess your options in one location, saving time and money. You can obtain the most advantageous Chinese Yuan to British Pound exchange rate in this way. You can get a more significant return by taking advantage of their incentives also, which can further reduce the cost of a money transfer.

Should I send money from China to UK via my bank?

Send money from China to UK via bank transfers has historically been a common practice. However, it is worth considering whether you should still use your bank to transfer money abroad , given the explosion of Fintech businesses focused on remittances.

In comparison to online-only remittance firms, banks typically charge substantially higher costs. It’s also conceivable that your bank’s CNY to GBP exchange rate isn’t the greatest. The two most common ways banks profit from remittances are through exorbitant fees and subpar exchange rates.

Consequently, you carefully consider your overall cost (expressed by transaction fees) as well as the exchange rate you will receive before using your China bank for UK money transfers. These two elements working together will directly affect the amount of money your recipient receives from your transaction.

How do I quickly send money from China to UK?

One of the most important things to take into account when you send money from China to UK internationally is how quickly your money gets to its destination. This is particularly important if you’re in a rush and need to send money right away. We all encounter such circumstances occasionally, so it’s wise to be prepared.

Cash transfers might be your best option if speed were the only element to take into account, which it occasionally is for emergency needs since there are no bank-to-bank operations involved. It may undoubtedly cause a delay in your process to send money from China to UK. Additionally, cash transactions have a lower exchange rate, which aids service providers in covering the costs of maintaining the physical offices required to process cash.

Ideally, you won’t encounter a situation where you need to send money to UK urgently, but just in case, you now know how to compare several funds transfer services and select the quickest one.

Whichever option you select, make sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your identification, and double-check your bank’s Bank Account and SWIFT codes. For safety reasons, only use an online approach on a secured network!


Although by no means comprehensive, these techniques offer a reasonable selection of ways to send money from China to the UK. When determining which is ideal, we advise taking into account the amount you wish to transfer, the cost you will pay, and whether you want to do it independently.

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