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Opt for DNBC Financial Canada for streamlined transactions and devoted 1-on-1 support. Our business account goes beyond mere money transfers; it is a collaboration customized to your business needs. Experience smooth remittances and individualized service with DNBC.
Key Features of DNBC Business Account

Key Features of DNBC Business Account

Experience Efficiency and Dedicated Support

  • DNBC Business Account is designed to deliver a specialized transfer experience, perfectly aligned with your business needs.
  • Receive dedicated 1-on-1 support to address all your business requirements.
  • Our streamlined account opening process ensures a trouble-free start to your transfer operations.
  • We are committed to transparency, which is why there are no hidden fees associated with your account.
  • Utilize multi-currency support for flexible and effortless international transactions.

Choose DNBC Business Account for efficiency, dedicated 1-on-1 support, and transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more help for your business today with some commonly asked questions. If you have any question that you cannot find the answer to, please use the contact contact us page!

The answer is yes, but you need to know these useful information before you make a transaction.

DNBC Financial Canada Limited will divide into 2 different money transfer zones including :

  • DNBC internal transfer (customers have opened an account at DNBC).
  • Transfer money in Europe or Global

DNBC Internal Transfer:

Customers who already have accounts at DNBC Financial Canada Limited (including Personal Account and Business Account), transferring money overseas will be easy, fast, and convenient. Here are some benefits when you have business account, personal account in DNBC’s ecosystem

  • Free transaction
  • Received immediately after a transaction
  • Cross-border money transfer

Transfer Money in EU or Global:

Transferring money within Europe or transferring money around the world will have many required documents. In Europe, customers will need SEPA payment system, for other countries outside of Europe, SWIFT payment will be an optimal choice. Depending on the region and purpose, the payment process will not be as fast as DNBC internal transfer
With SEPA or SWIFT remittance payments, you will be subject to a number of mandatory requirements when transferring money.

  • Document Requirements (Below are just a few of the required documents, Transaction Department may require your company to submit more documents)
    • Invoice
    • Contract/ Agreement for products, services
    • Foreign trade documents
  • A transaction of your payment may take 2-5 days since a payment order was created. You need to clarify the purpose of payment, the country receiver is not in the prohibited country, etc.
  • Charging fees of transaction

If you are an entrepreneur or investor, you may consider opening a business account which is much easier, but also
being required for any business operated as a separate legal entity from the owner.

To be clear, you can take a look at some reasons why you should open a business account:

1. Professionalism and Credibility

Being able to accept all types of payments makes you appear more professional in the eyes of your customers, whereas
increasing your ability to make money from your business.

Additionally, having a business account and keeping elaborate records of business transactions will facilitate to
indicate your business is legitimate.

2. Liability Protection

A business checking account can protect you from personal liability in case something goes wrong at your business or
someone tries to use your business. Within technological data security barriers, customer information will not leak
out when using DNBC business account.

3. Preparing you a good future

In the future, you will need a business checking account, if your business grows, and it will be much easier for you
to manage your financial accounting, including future employee salary obligations, if you start with this separate
account. Bookkeeping ahead of time can be a smart way to plan ahead for potential growth.

4. Easy opening process

The websites and mobile money transfer apps for online banks
are typically customers’ solely interactions with the business, in which the banks pay plenty of your time and cash
optimizing the process. Once you pull up the app on your phone or the website on your computer, it ought to be
seamless to register, create transfers, or otherwise handle your money.

Therefore, managing your funds effortlessly by simply logging in to your DNBCnet payment accounts via our payment
platform or our apps is the best option for you and your business.

The requirements to open a business account can vary based on the type of business you have, the country that you are living in, and the type of the financial institution you want to work with. Here’s a basic overview that you’ll need to open a business/business account based on your entity type:

  • Public Company.
  • Private limited Company.
  • Corporation.
  • Limited Liability Partnership.
  • Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership.
  • Foundation Trust , etc.

Basically, there are two types of documents that you need to open a business account: Director & Shareholder Documents and Company Documents.

Here is what basic Director & Shareholder Documents are required:

  • Director/Manager Passport.
  • Shareholder/Member Passport.
  • Address Proof.
  • UBO, EIN, or Sole proprietors & single-member LLCs may be able to use their Social Security number, ect.

Here is what basic Company Documents are required:

  • Company Documents.
  • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Company Address Registration.
  • Share Certificate.
  • Business License.
  • FATCA/CRS Entity Self-certification.
  • Company Extract, ect.

Clients are required to submit soft documents, hard documents, or any additional proofs depending on the specific inquiry process. Clients are also required to join online interviews with members of DNBC Financial Group for the purpose of clarifying information.

We’ve streamlined the process for your convenience:

Starting the Application: Visit our website and click on the “Open an Account” option located at the top right. This will direct you to our dedicated application form. We recommend spending a few moments to ensure all details are accurately provided.

Personalized Assistance: After submitting your application, a Relationship Manager from DNBC Financial Canada will reach out to guide and assist you throughout the account setup, optimizing the process and saving you time.

Required Documentation: Depending on your business’s operational field and the country it’s based in, you’ll need to submit specific documents. Your Relationship Manager will provide clear instructions on this.

Final Steps: To unlock all its benefits and features, a first deposit of €2,000 is necessary. Rest assured, this amount will be part of your available balance.

No, DNBC never charges fees for online account checks. We encourage our clients to regularly monitor their account balances. Should you notice any unexpected charges, please contact us immediately. Our priority is ensuring transparency and security, and we are committed to preventing any fraudulent activities on your account.

Frequently Asked Question