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Choose DNBC Financial Canada for seamless transactions and dedicated 1-on-1 support. Our personal account is more than just money transfer; it's a partnership tailored to your unique needs. Experience hassle-free remittance and personalized service with DNBC.
Key Features of DNBC Personal Account

Key Features of DNBC Personal Account

Experience Ease and Personalization

  • DNBC Personal Account is designed to provide a unique transfer experience that caters to your specific needs.
  • Enjoy 1-on-1 personalized support to address all your requirements.
  • Our easy account opening process ensures a hassle-free start to your transferring journey.
  • We believe in transparency, which is why there are no hidden fees associated with your account.
  • Benefit from multi-currency support for flexible and convenient international transactions.

Choose the DNBC Personal Account for convenience, personalization, and transparency.

Frequently asked question

Find out more help for your business today with some commonly asked questions. If you have any
question that you cannot find the answer to, please use the contact contact us page!

SWIFT – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

Transaction orders are transmitted between members of this network.

Each member is identified with a unique SWIFT/ BIC code.

To this day, SWIFT is the biggest and most efficient tool for international money transfer, with over 11.000 member institutions in over 200 countries, sending over 5 billions financial messages globally every year.

No. Insurance or guarantee is not required for DNBC Financial Group – a Payment Institution under Lithuania legislations.

Opening a personal account with DNBC is straightforward and convenient. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit our website and locate the application form, which you can find under the “Personal Account” tab or “Open Account” button at the top right corner.
  2. Fill out the form, and once submitted, our team will reach out to you to finalize the identification process.
  3. Upon successful verification, your account will be activated, ready for use once you make an initial deposit of €500.

As a DNBC customer, you’ll enjoy a myriad of benefits such as secure online transactions, the capability to transfer funds globally, and advantageous currency exchange rates.

For those looking to cater to their business needs, DNBC offers specialized business account solutions with features tailored for commercial operations. Explore our website to uncover the diverse advantages and the latest promotional offers related to our accounts.

Should you face any challenges or require assistance during the account setup, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either through email at [email protected] or by calling our hotline at +65 6572 8885.

You can become a DNBC Financial Group’s client and gain full benefits from our personal accounts at the age of 16. If you are younger than 16, you would need a legal representative to open the account in their name and take responsibility for you when using our services. 

To open account with us, you would need to finish the identification procedure for the registering process, you would need to provide us with an international personal documentation, ie. a passport or ID card. 

After you finish the registering process with us, you will receive an online payment (DNBCnet) account and you can start using our services from that moment onward. For ease of use in everyday activity, you can order a debit/prepaid card from DNBC which would be sent to you via postal services as quickly as 2 working days.

However after that process, there would be no more paperwork to fill and you can enjoy many benefits like managing your account anywhere, a multi-currency account if you travel a lot and no limits in transferring transactions around the globe (We may need you to prove your identification if you want to transfer a large sum of money). You would essentially receive an international account when you open an account with us.

Yes, we provide many current account services including transfer funds to other accounts within or outside the DNBC system. This process will take up different amounts of time depending on the urgency of the transfer, which can reach as quickly as arriving at the same day.

Transfers from a DNBC Financial Group account to other banks are performed just like at a traditional bank with one distinction, you will go through the whole process online, at your own pace and there is no angry line behind you. You can find this function on our online payment site (DNBCnet) or our mobile money transfer apps

You would need  the recipient data including the account number and purpose of payment/reference. In the case of transferring money from DNBC Financial Group to other payment systems, you will have to indicate the client number in the system or other data depending on the payment system. 

However, there are advantages when it comes to using the DNBC network of transfer, we would not limit the amount you transfer or take into account any geographical barrier when transferring and you will benefit from the highest level of protection when transferring online. Users also have 24/7 access to DNBC Financial Group’s e-payments system to perform and keep track of all transactions.